6 Facts About Cervical Cancer Women Should Know – In this type of cancer, the cells of the cervix are affected which eventually leads to the cancer. Here are some facts about it that women should be aware of!

India has manufactured its first indigenous cervical cancer vaccine which was launched on 1st September 2022. Cervical cancer is the second most frequent cancer that affects Indian women, especially for women between age 15 and 44. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) data, 41, 91,000 women have died due to cervical cancer in India since 2019. With the development of this vaccine, health officials are hoping to try and eradicate this problem.

In this type of cancer, the cells of the cervix are affected which eventually leads to the cancer. Cervical cancers are usually caused by different types of sexually transmitted infections that are known as human papillomavirus (HPV). Regular visits to the gynecologist and check-ups can help prevent the disease. Also, it is important that you practice safe sex so as to prevent the disease. Here are some facts about cervical cancer that women should know.

6 Facts About Cervical Cancer Women Should Know

  • The most common cause of this form of cancer is Human Papillomavirus (HPV). This virus is contagious as in it can spread from one person to another through sexual activities. Therefore, it is essential that people practice safe sex.
  • Not all strains of human papillomavirus cause cancer. There are many other strains belonging to the HPV family but not all of them cause this type of cancer. Only some of them might be a cause of cancer, others might just cause some sort of an infection.
  • This type of cancer risk can be prevented by vaccines. The HPV vaccine essentially becomes a form of protection against the virus. When the virus enters the body your body will produce antibodies to fight the virus and that will eventually prevent the risks of cancer.
  • This form of cancer is preventable. Regular checkups and screenings can help to prevent the disease. You might also go for Pap testing to keep check if you are developing the disease or have developed the disease.
  • Cervical cancer is a preventable disease. A person simply needs to get regular screenings and checkups and can also go for Pap testing to keep a check on whether or not she has developed the disease of is developing it.
  • Smoking and oral contraceptives can increase the risks of cervical cancer. When you smoke, the immune system might become weak and that will make it difficult for the immune system to fight the virus.

Symptoms Of This Cancer Women Should Be Aware Of

Initial stages of cervical cancer rarely shows any signs or symptoms. But when this type of cancer is in its advance stage, the symptoms start showing.

  • Vaginal bleeding between periods, after sexual intercourse or after menopause
  • Vaginal discharge which might be bloody and watery with a foul odor
  • Pain during sexual intercourse and pelvic pain.

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