Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) is classified as a form of spondyloarthritis. According to a study published in the International Journal of Clinical Rheumatology, psoriatic arthritis affects nearly 42 per cent of patients with psoriasis. It is an uncommon but aggressive form of advanced joint disease in psoriasis patients. Reports suggest that there is no cure for psoriatic arthritis, therapy depends on reducing inflammation of the infected joints to avoid joint discomfort and weakness. But a 64-year-old man with psoriasis arthritis was treated successfully.

Psoriasis Arthritis Treated Successfully In A 64 Year Old Man

A 64-year-old-man with a history of psoriasis visited the doctors with a 45-degree bow of the knee. He could not walk, and his physical capacity was limited to just five minutes. He was diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis.
Dr Aniket Patil, Consultant Joint Replacement Surgeon of Noble Hospital said, “Psoriatic arthritis is one the presentation of Psoriasis. The patient’s physical activity was limited to just five minutes rendering him mostly homebound. Some symptoms of the disease include joint pain, swelling, stiffness.”


Using the recently advanced technique of robotic knee replacement surgery, doctors at Noble Hospital were able to successfully straighten the patient’s knee. Also Read – Arthritis treatment: Novel 3D technique may improve it

“The patient could walk from the very next day. He could also presume activities such as sitting on the floor, squatting, cycling, stair climbing. The robotic surgery has made him independent. But unfortunately, the other knee is showing similar kinds of tendency and it may have to be operated upon in the near future.” Said Dr Patil.
The biggest advantages of robotic knee replacement surgery are that it is less painful and quick recovery as compared to conventional knee replacement surgery. If a patient with psoriasis notices any pain in joints, the patient should immediately report to his orthopaedic surgeon for early diagnosis & treatment.

Understanding Psoriatic Arthritis And Its Symptoms

Psoriatic arthritis is a form of arthritis that affects people who already have psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin disease that causes red, itchy, scaly patches and some patients complain of joint problems. In some cases, it is seen that patients suffering from Psoriasis develop arthritis in the long term. Most people have psoriasis first and then have psoriatic arthritis, but the joint complications will also start before the skin patches.

According to the experts, only 20 per cent of the patients with psoriasis are diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. Though it is a rare complication, doctors advised that patients should not neglect any symptoms. It can cause anyone or both sides of your body’s joints. The signs and symptoms of the disease are often mistaken for those of rheumatoid arthritis as both diseases cause sore, swelling, and warm-to-the-touch joints. However, psoriatic arthritis is more likely to cause swollen fingers and toes, foot pain and lower back pain.

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