Abdul Ali and Malik Parish arrested: charged with the murder of a 12-year-old boy

“Abdul Ali and Malik Parish arrested: charged with the murder of a 12-year-old boy ” – Two men have been arrested and charged in connection with the death of a 12-year-old girl. This article will provide you with additional information about the case.

Two men were arrested and charged with murder in the March shooting death of a 12-year-old girl who was hit in the head by a stray bullet after celebrating her birthday.

According to the prosecution, Abdul Ali, 20, and Malik Parish, 22, were arrested on Sunday after police discovered a revolver on Ali’s front belt.

A 9mm Glock pistol with a laser sight and automatic switch was discovered along the path of his attempted escape. Its magazine has also been expanded.

Today, Parrish and Ali are charged with first-degree murder, with Parrish also charged with car theft and Ali charged with unauthorized firearm use.

According to investigators, a suspect confessed on camera that they were shooting at a car they thought belonged to a rival gang member.

Abdul Ali and Malik Parish have been arrested and charged with the murder of a 12-year-old boy.

According to Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown, Malik Parish, 22, and Abdul Ali, 20, were arrested on Sunday. Parish has been arrested 11 times, according to him.

Ali was charged with unauthorized use of a weapon, while Parish was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, according to Brown.

According to the police, a stray bullet struck Nyzireya in the back of the head when three men opened fire on another vehicle while she was in the passenger seat of a family member’s car.

Abdul Ali and Malik Parish arrested: charged with the murder of a 12-year-old boy
Abdul Ali And Malik Parish were charged in the fatal shooting of a 12-year-old. (Source: WGN – TV)

According to Brown, a third suspect is still at large. According to Chicago Police Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan, the arrests were made due to information from an unnamed witness.

Deenihan claimed that one of the suspects had confessed but did not specify which one.

It was unclear if Parish or Ali had legal counsel who could speak for them. On Tuesday, both men were anticipated in bail court.

According to local campaigner Andrew Holmes, the girl was shot while out with her family celebrating her 12th birthday.

Nyzireya Moore, a 12-year-old girl, was fatally shot

Nyzireya Moore, 12, was reportedly seated in her family’s Buick SUV on March 2 at around 8 o’clock in the 2300 block of West 72nd Street (West 72nd Street) in the South District.

Nizreya was struck in the head by a stray gunshot. She was taken to Comer Children’s Hospital immediately, but three days later, she passed away.

As a result, two Chicago males were charged on Tuesday with shooting and killing a 12-year-old girl on the South Side as she was en route home from a birthday celebration with her family.

Nyzireya Moore
12-year-old Nyzireya Moore was fatally shot and killed on her birthday. (Source: Block Club Chicago)

Before Nizreya was shot, the three gunmen could be seen on surveillance footage leaving home at 2300 West 72nd Street, turning back, and witnessing a member of a different gang drive by in a Mercedes, according to the prosecution.

After waiting around two minutes, the group opened Fire on the northbound automobile. The tragedy occurred as Nizreya’s mother was operating the vehicle.

She heard gunshots and glass breaking about a block from her home before realizing her daughter had been injured.

According to the prosecution, 25 round casings were found by investigators from three different firearms, including a 9mm handgun and two.40-caliber pistols.

Two witnesses could not recognize the shooter, who was dressed in hooded sweatshirts with them both.

According to reports, the Police initially released the attack’s surveillance footage and made a reward offer of $15,000 for the suspect’s capture.

However, there was reportedly little progress made until almost eight months after the incident, when the Police finally solved the case after receiving anonymous leads.

At a press briefing, Detective Inspector Brendan Deenihan said that an anonymous witness was a “pivotal moment” in the investigation, which helped the case come together. Home

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