Arrest: Is Mac Critter In Jail Now?  Yes, the Memphis-based rapper was arrested on 29 December and is currently in Shelby County Jail.

Mac Critter is a Memphis-based rapper and musician. He is known for his contract with Gucci 1017.

Burst, ACT UP, DAWG, Look Like Money, HOE JIZZLE, and Spin the Block are some popular songs of the 25-year-old musical artist.

He has amassed sizable fans and followers worldwide. Mac Critter has recently been charged with first-degree murder. Here is the detail on his charges and arrest.

Arrest: Is Mac Critter In Jail Now? Crime Charges Explained

Memphis-based rapper Mac Critter is one of three individuals accused of killing a man in late December. He was charged with first-degree murder in the demise of Makeith Taylor.

Mac Critter In Jail
Mac Critter was arrested concerning the death of North Memphis shooting victim Markeith Taylor. (Image Source: YouTube)

But Mac Critter’s lawyer claimed he was innocent and hoped the public wasn’t too quick to judge his client.

Daniel Bates goes by the stage name Mac Critter. He was arrested with Gary Taylor and his brother, Danterio Owens; they were imprisoned at 201 Poplar.

Concerning Markeith Taylor’s death, the three are accused of first-degree murder. According to Memphis Police, Taylor was tragically shot at a vacant lot on Wells Avenue on 21 December 2022.

A second man in the crowd was slain hours later because the scenario was so chaotic. Police didn’t state whether the two shootings were related or not.

However, WREG reported that Mac Critter (Daniel Bates) and the victim Markeith Taylor are connected. Taylor has a child with the rapper’s sister.

Furthermore, a witness identified Gary Taylor as the person who shot.

According to the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office, Taylor was mistakenly released shortly after his arrest. But he was brought into custody again.

Mac Critter Assured His Fans That He Would Be Home Soon

According to TMZ, Mac Critter was arrested in late December and is in Shelby County Jail. They were scheduled to appear in court within a few days.

The investigation is still ongoing, and the DAWG hitmaker continued to reassure followers via Instagram that he would return home soon.

Mac Critter In Jail
Despite being imprisoned with a first-degree murder charge, Mac Critter assured his fans that he was innocent. (Image Source: TMZ)

North Memphis Shooting Detail

On 21 December 2022, two shootings in separate parts of North Memphis resulted in two fatalities.

According to Police officers, they were summoned to a shooting in an empty lot on the 600 block of Wells Avenue. A person identified as Markeith Taylor was pronounced dead on the spot.

The tragedy occurred again after two hours later. Investigators were processing a homicide scene with a big crowd when they heard a gun shooting sound. They discovered the dead body of a guy in a car on Marble Avenue a few miles away from the previous spot.

Michael Hollowell, one of the residents, claimed that he heard the incident.

Hollowell said they were in the House and heard gun sounds. He checked what had happened and saw a man lying in the street. When the resident peeked out of his door, somebody said that man was dead.

An unidentified neighbor also claimed that they heard nine shots. Alandus Turner, 23, was the second victim. According to his relatives, he was related to the first man who died on Wells. Home 

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