Accident: Where Is Vladimir Konstantinov Now? Vladimir Konstantinov Accident is always a topic of question to all his fans. He has suffered a lot due to the accident.

Former professional ice hockey player Vladimir Nikolaevich Konstantinov, a Russian-American, played with the Detroit Red Wings for National Hockey League (NHL).

He had previously played for CSKA Moscow, a Soviet squad. His career ended in a limo accident just six days after the Red Wings won the 1997 Stanley Cup.

Accident: Where Is Vladimir Konstantinov Now? Details Explained

After his dreadful accident in 1997, To commemorate the Red Wings’ successful Stanley Cup defense in 1998, Konstantinov’s teammates wheeled him onto the ice in a wheelchair.

The Red Wings had a patch with the words “Believe” embroidered for the 1997–98 season, in both English and Russian, along with the initials of Konstantinov and Mnatsakanov prominently displayed. The tagline for the Red Wings during the postseason was the single word “Belief.”

Even though the limousine accident rendered Konstantinov unable to play hockey again, the Detroit Red Wings recognized Konstantinov as a part of their team.

The NHL’s Gary Bettman granted the Red Wings’ request for a special exception in 1998 so that his name could be inscribed on the Stanley Cup.

Accident: Where Is Vladimir Konstantinov Now?

Vladimir Konstantinov is currently living in West Bloomfield, Michigan. He lives with his wife, Irina, and their daughter, Anastasia Konstantinova, who now resides in Florida.

Since the incident altered the lives of former Detroit Red Wing Vladimir Konstantinov and several others inside, the sight of a wrecked limousine still gives people the chills more than 20 years later.

“He has had 24-hour care and has been allowed to reside in his House for 25 years. He still receives daily medical care, occupational therapy, and physical therapy, “Jim Bellanca, a friend of the family and a lawyer, stated.

With assistance from Arcadia Home Care and Staffing and Beaumont Hospital, that is.

Speaking on his friend’s behalf, Bellanca expressed his hope that the former NHL player’s tale would persuade Michigan lawmakers to amend their no-fault auto insurance legislation connected to the cost of treating injuries sustained in auto accidents.

Three years ago, lawmakers passed new no-fault laws, which reduced Konstantinov’s and 18,000 other badly injured Michiganders’ access to home care benefits.

What Happened To Him?

Konstantinov has a lifelong head injury and is paralyzed despite his survival. In addition, Mnatsakanov experienced major brain damage, briefly fell into a coma, and has had a far more difficult time recuperating.

In honor of the Red Wings Stanley Cup triumph, Konstantinov, Viacheslav Fetisov, a hockey icon from Russia, and team masseuse Sergei Mnatsakanov played golf with the trophy on June 13, 1997.

They then hired a limousine to drive them home. Richard Gnida, the limousine’s driver, who at the time had his license suspended for drunk driving, lost control of the car and slammed it into a tree on Birmingham, Michigan’s Woodward Avenue median. For several weeks, Konstantinov was unconscious.

In contrast to Fetisov, who was only slightly harmed and could play the next season, Konstantinov was paralyzed and suffered severe head injuries due to the limousine accident. HOME PAGE

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