What Is Sea Shanty Tiktok? Social Media (TikTok) is well-known for spawning new trends and challenges on a daily basis. Similarly, the ‘Sea Shanty Medley’ is currently the most popular trend among TikTok users.

Let us learn more about it in depth.

What Is Sea Shanty Tiktok? Details To Know About Viral Sea Shanty Medley And Song Lyrics Taking Over TikTok


What Is Sea Shanty Tiktok?

Sea shanties are a type of traditional folk song. They were initiated around 600 years ago and have been adored ever since. Similarly, it is also referred to as chantey and chanty. It is thought that the Sea Shanty was first sung on large merchant sailing ships as a source of companionship. It is now also known as the “maritime work song.”

@nathanevanss Wellerman is a UK NUMBER 1! ?‍☠️? I still don’t believe it… Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of yous! #SeaShanty ♬ original sound – N A T H A N E V A N S


The term “shanty” refers to a type of work song. It rose to prominence during World War II due to its ability to synchronize and optimize labor. Furthermore, this genre of traditional folk song was influenced by minstrel music and marches.

Because Shanty is adaptable, lyrics can be easily optimized.


Details To Know About Viral Sea Shanty Medley Taking Over TikTok

The Sea Shanty Medley that has taken TikTok by storm is also known as ‘The Wellerman.’

@nathanevanss The Wellerman. #seashanty #sea #shanty #viral #singing #acoustic #pirate #new #original #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #singer #scottishsinger #scottish ♬ Wellerman – Sea Shanty – Nathan Evans

Nathan Evans first shared a TikTok video of himself singing the song, and his voice wowed everyone. TikTok currently has over 9 million views and 2.4 million likes. Nathan’s rendition of the song, which has been shared and dueted by thousands of people, has become a TikTok trend.

Sea Shanty Medley Song Lyrics And Trend Explained

The Lyrics of the Sea Shanty Medley song on TikTok is:

There once was a ship that put to sea,

And the name of that ship was the Billy o’ Tea
The winds blew hard, her bow dipped down,
Blow, me bully boys, blow!

It also has a chorus after each verse. The chorus is as follows:

Soon may the Wellerman come
to bring us sugar and tea and rum.
One day, when the tonguing’ is done,
We’ll take our leave and go.

@thelongestjohns #duet with @thelongestjohns Jazz Wellerman Bass #wellerman #shanty #seashanty #seashantytiktok #seashantytok #shantytiktok #thelongestjohns ♬ original sound – Postmodern Jukebox


You can join the trend by using the TikTok duet. You’ll be able to sing along with Nathan and other TikTok users because the feature allows users to record two videos at the same time.

Falmouth Sea Shanty Festival 2022

Falmouth Sea Shanty Festival is a free nautical music and song festival held in Falmouth, Massachusetts. It is held in Europe, and the next event will be held on the 17th–19th of June 2022. Furthermore, the festival’s goal is to preserve the history of the sea.

Not only will you be able to enjoy the music, but you will also have the opportunity to see exciting pop-up bars. The three-day festival will feature sea songs and Cornish songs.

You can learn more about the festival by visiting their website.

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