Who is Ally McCoist Wife Vivien Ross? Ally McCoist, a former Scotland footballer, is currently married to Vivien Ross.

Ally McCoist Wife Vivien Ross: Where Is She Now? Children & Net Worth

McCoist began a career in management and as a television analyst after retiring from Scotland’s national team.

McCoist began his professional career with St. Johnstone in Scotland. In 1981, he joined the English club Sunderland. He returned to Scotland after two years and signed with Rangers.

McCoist had great success with the Rangers, becoming the club’s all-time leading scorer and winning nine consecutive league championships between 1988-1989 and 1996-1997.

Quick Facts on Ally McCoist

Full NameAlly McCoist
Date of BirthSeptember 24, 1962
Place of BirthBellshill, Scotland
Previous ProfessionScottish Footballer
Teams ManagedRangers
WifeVivien Ross

Later in his career, he played for Kilmarnock. McCoist received his induction into the Scottish Sports Hall of Fame in 2007. He is also a member of the Scotland Football Hall of Fame as a result of his 61 appearances for the national team.

As a prolific striker, he is currently the fifth-highest goalscorer in the Scottish football league system’s top tier. Between 1983 and 2001, he scored 260 goals for Rangers and Kilmarnock, ranking him fifth all-time in the Scottish football league system’s top tier.

Ally McCoist Wife Vivien Ross: Where Is She Now?

Ally McCoist’s wife is Vivien Ross, and they have two children together. He is getting married for the second time.

Vivien used to be an events manager, and the two of them have been together for over ten years. McCoist first met his future wife while she was working for the Rangers’ commercial department.

Since then, the couple has taken a number of luxurious vacations to New York City.

His first wife was Allison McCoist, and they had one child together. They had their wedding in 1990, but by 2004 they had grown apart and decided to end their marriage by getting divorced.

He met Allison when he was a young striker for Sunderland. The couple dated for nine years before deciding to take the next step and be married.

More On McCoist Relationship

Ally McCoist, a legendary Ranger player, has revealed that he has made embarrassing mistakes in the past, including referring to his current wife Vivien as his previous wife’s name.

The former Ibrox player described how embarrassed he felt when he called on Vivien and accidentally mentioned his previous wife, Allison.

McCoist, 60, revealed the gaffe while hosting the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast program on TalkSport. The incident occurred after McCoist had finished showering and asked for his pants to be brought to him in his second-floor room.

He remembered the name coming out of his mouth before he realized what he had done, as well as the minutes he waited to see if he had gotten away with the mistake. He remembered saying the name because he realized what he had done.

Ally McCoist Has A Family of Five Children

McCoist is the father of three children from his first marriage to Allison.

Argyll McCoist, Mitchell McCoist, and Alexander McCoist are the names of the three McCoist brothers.

Mitchell and Argyll are identical twin brothers. Mitchell, on the other hand, was born with a critical cardiac abnormality that required him to spend the majority of his first year of life in intensive care. Mitchell, despite this, is doing much better these days.

Ally McCoist with wife Vivien and sons Argyll (centre) and Alexander (right).
Ally McCoist with wife Vivien and sons Argyll (centre) and Alexander (right). ( Source : thescottishsun )

The former football player spoke with The New York Times about how his ex-wife Allison has taken exceptional care of him, especially after the epidemic.

When asked about a previous interview in which he referred to him as his most significant influence in life, McCoist said it was amazing that his child had reached this age, adding that it was a miracle that his son had reached this age.

Ally McCoist with son Argyll McCoist.
Ally McCoist with son Argyll McCoist. ( Source : thesun )

The doctors warned them that Mitchell would not survive for such a long time. According to McCoist, having a severely challenged kid has given him a wake-up call on the essential things in life.

With his second wife, Vivien Ross, McCoist is the father of two children, Arran McCoist, and Harrist McCoist.

How Much Is Ally McCoist’s Net Worth?

Ally McCoist has a net worth of around ten million dollars. His yearly compensation comes to 1.3 million dollars.

Following the conclusion of his playing career, McCoist transitioned into a career in the media. He was a team captain in the sports quiz show A Question of Sport, which was shown on the BBC from 1996 to 2007.

Following his promotion to assistant manager under Walter Smith at the Rangers in 2007, McCoist began to reduce the amount of time he spent in the media.

McCoist has established himself as a respected television personality. He was a team captain on the BBC show A Question of Sport for a record 363 times between 1996 and 2007 when he appeared on the show.

McCoist and MacAulay was the name of the late-night chat show he and comedian Fred MacAulay co-hosted for BBC Scotland between 1998 and 1999. In 2001, he was honored with the title Sports Presenter of the Year at the TRIC Awards.

In 2011, he succeeded Smith as manager of the Rangers. However, during that time, the club was experiencing significant financial troubles. After the Rangers administration business was forced into insolvency in 2012, the football club was relegated to the fourth division of play in the Scottish league.

McCoist was a big part of the team’s success and helped them achieve two consecutive promotions to the league’s second tier. However, following a shaky start to the 2014–15 season, McCoist gave his notice and was placed on gardening leave in December 2014.

In September 2015, McCoist and the Rangers came to an agreement that would result in the termination of his contract.

McCoist’s Media Career

McCoist is well-known for his work in television. Between 1996 and 2007, he was a team captain on A Question of Sport on the BBC.

During that time, he made a record 363 appearances on the show. In addition, during the years 1998 and 1999, he was a co-host of the late-night talk program McCoist and MacAulay, which was broadcast on BBC Scotland and included the comic Fred MacAulay. At the TRIC Awards in 2001, McCoist was recognized as the Sports Presenter of the Year.

McCoist donned a Rangers jersey below to protect the Celtic shirt’s material from rubbing against his flesh.

McCoist began working as a studio commentator for BT Sport’s coverage of the Scottish Professional Football League and the Scottish League Cup at the beginning of the 2017–18 season. During this time, he often appeared on their coverage with Darrell Currie, Chris Sutton, and Stephen Craigan.

Sky Sports was awarded the rights to broadcast the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) exclusively beginning with the 2020–2021 season, and McCoist resumed his role as a commentator for the channel.

Since the 2019–20 season, he has served as a pundit and commentator for the English Premier League matches broadcast on Amazon Prime Video.

Some FAQs

Ally McCoist Wife Vivien Ross?

Ally McCoist is married to Vivien Ross. The couple has been together for over ten years now.

Who was Ally McCoist’s first wife?

Before tying the knot with Vivien Ross, Ally was married to Allison. The couple got married in 1990 but later separated in 2004.

How many children does Ally McCoist have from his first marriage?

From his first marriage to Allison, McCoist has three children. Argyll and Mitchell McCoist are twin brothers. The third child is Alexander McCoist.

How many children does Ally McCoist have with Vivien Ross?

With Vivien Ross, Ally McCoist has two sons. They are Arran McCoist and Harris McCoist.

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