Andy Dalton Wife: Is Jordan Dalton Deaf? Age And Height Facts

Who Is Andy Dalton Wife? – Andy Dalton, a well-known American football quarterback, has been married to Jordan Dalton since 2011.

This season, he is one of the most well-known quarterbacks in the NFL. With his excellent play, he has amassed a large following throughout the glove. Similarly, his celebrity has aided his family’s rise to prominence. As a result, internet users have generated a number of theories about Dalton. Andy’s wife’s physical disability is one such assumption.

People believe Jordan Dalton is deaf, and the two frequently communicate in sign language. However, this assumption made by internet users is completely false. Instead, she and her husband founded a non-profit organization to assist children with such issues.

The Andy & JJ Dalton Foundation assists families of children patients in various medical facilities throughout Cincinnati and the surrounding areas through its various community outreach programs.

Who Is Andy Dalton Wife, Jordan Dalton?

Jordan is popularly known as the wife of NFL star Andy Dalton, but she has also started a name for herself as the vice president and co-founder of the Andy & JJ Dalton Foundation.

While a student at Texas Christian University, Jordan and Andy crossed each other’s paths for the first time. They both majored in marketing during their final year. After only one year of dating, they were getting married.

They were relocating to Cincinnati a few weeks later as the Cincinnati Bengals selected him in the 2011 NFL draft. The couple found it difficult to digest everything happening so quickly.

Nevertheless, despite several difficulties, they have supported and stood by one another ever since their marriage began in 2011. JJ Dalton would not have responded, “the wife of an NFL quarterback,” if you had asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up.

She always saw me as a businessperson, making crucial decisions for corporations, but she is still content with her life and pleased to join the Dalton family, which is essential to her.

Andy Dalton Wife: Is Jordan Dalton Deaf? Age And Height Facts
Jordan Dalton Is The Co-Founder And Vice President Of Andy & JJ Dalton Foundation ( Source : instagram )

They established the Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation before Andy even played for the Bengals. They have assisted seriously ill and physically challenged kids and their families since 2011. In addition to their physical discomfort, children with significant illnesses or physical disabilities also have to contend with a wide range of side effects.

They frequently have limited movement, which prevents them from participating in sports, trips, and other activities with friends and family. They often end up in hospitals, resulting in periods of boredom, worry, and anxiety. Regular sick days make it simple to fall behind in class rapidly.

In addition, the financial strain their parents’ high medical expenses place on them can push even middle-class families to the point of poverty. The five community outreach initiatives Andy and JJ started, Date Night, King for a Day, the Hub, A Gift of Christmas, and the Pass It On Fund, were created to help seriously ill and physically challenged children’s families. Every year, they hold a date night where parents can go on dates while child care is provided.

Is Andy Dalton Wife Deaf?

Andy’s wife, Jordan, is not deaf, but due to some rumors, fans believe that she has a physical disability.

It is still being determined when the rumor began precisely. Still, there is a belief that the couple’s field interaction led to fans believing that one is suffering from a hearing disability. Andy can’t be deaf as he competed with his friends in the field, so the assumption of being deaf shifted toward his wife.

Whenever Andy shows a masterclass in the field, he celebrates by offering a love sign to his wife, who often stays in the stands and cheers for her husband. She also responds by showing the same sign. Because of this, fans started to believe that she was deaf, and they communicated using sign language.

The Andy & JJ Dalton Foundation could be another reason why fans believe Jordan is deaf. The couple began this foundation to help disabled and sick children who could not get assistance because of several issues.

When Andy and Jordan were TCU students, they were motivated to start the foundation. A granddaughter of one of Andy’s trainers was just given a cancer diagnosis. Andy was asked to connect with her and share her prayers and thoughts to cheer her up.

When the timing was perfect, Andy realized the immediate difference that a small act of kindness might have in a child’s life and felt that he had to take action. Since she was a senior in high school, Jordan has worked with kids with special needs.

She has seen the struggles that many of these families face and feels fortunate to be able to help others through the foundation.

Jordan Dalton Age And Height Details

On November 3, 1987, Jordan Dalton was born in Richardson, Texas, in the United States. She is currently 35 years old and a citizen of the United States. Jordan stands at 5′ 9″ and weighs about 65 kg.

She is a typical married American woman who enjoys spending time with her family. Jordan Dalton enrolled at Texas Christian University in 2006 to pursue a business degree.

She met Andy Dalton in her final year here, and soon after that, they decided to get married. She is a stay-at-home mom and a committed philanthropist who is recognized for supporting underprivileged families and sick children to give back to society.

Some Interesting Facts On Jordan Dalton

Jordan is a successful philanthropist, a lovely wife, and a caring mother who is fulfilling her duties effortlessly.

She has been on the side of her husband ever since their union. They are joyful and in love, and they have three lovely children. Jordan said being married was the happiest day of her life since she knew she would be with her husband for the rest of their lives.

They welcomed Noah, their first child, three years later. She uses a lot of Noah’s pictures on social media. Their youngest kid, Finley, was born in 2019, and their second child, Nash, was born in 2017.

They reside close to Dallas and Fort Worth, and the whole family can be seen having a great time there whenever the Dalton couple squeezes time out of their busy schedule. They have been married for over a decade, and even now, approximately 12 years later, you can still feel their affection for one another in their social media posts.

As Jordan also has a significant role in crafting the successful career that Andy is enjoying, she claims that she and her husband are delighted with the man he has grown into.

Jordan And Andy Dalton Are Blessed With Three Children; Two Sons And A Daughter
Jordan And Andy Dalton Are Blessed With Three Children; Two Sons And A Daughter ( Source : instagram )

Apart from being a philanthropist and an NFL wag, she is also a popular social media personality with over 32,000 followers on Instagram. She posts mostly about her family, and we can see that she is her husband’s biggest fan.

To assist families and children in need, the couple established the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation in 2011. Their organization made it into the news in 2017 when Dalton upset the Baltimore Ravens on New Year’s Eve with a 49-yard touchdown pass to his wide receiver Tyler Boyd. Home Page

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