Kaliyah Dearing Murder Case Update: Where Is Jeremiah Battle Now? Three sisters lived in a house in Harrisburg when a man barged in and fatally shot two of them in a bedroom. It happened in 2017, and it was a terrible thing.

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Kaliyah Dearing Murder Case Update: Where Is Jeremiah Battle Now? Why He Shot And Killed

Kaliyah Dearing Murder Case Update: Where Is Jeremiah Battle Now?

Jeremiah Battle was detained concerning the murders of two stepsisters last week. The two young girls, Kaliyah Dearing and Natasha Harner, were shot dead in their room in Harrisburg.

After the incident, he was arrested by the police on the charge of murder on November 16, 2017.

We can see the mugshot of Jeremiah Battle.


Mugshot of the murder Jeremiah Battle.
Mugshot of the murder Jeremiah Battle. ( Source : Local21news )


The young man, Jeremiah, was sentenced to life in prison by a judge after taking two innocent lives together. At the time of the arrest, he was just twenty-two years old.

The culprit is still in jail for his criminal activities. The murderer of two sisters has been jailed for more than five years.

Kaliyah Dearing Shot And Killed, What’s Happened?

Kaliyah Dearing was shot dead by 22-year-old Jeremiah Battle in Harrisburg. She was just a young twenty-four-year-old girl. Another sixteen-year-old teenager, Natasha Harner, was shot in the arm and head.

When authorities inquired about the incident, the man stated that it began due to a broken windshield wiper.

On the afternoon of November 9, 2017, the murderer Jeremiah walked over to the sisters’ leased house in the 2200 block of Logan Street to question them about who was going to pay for his damaged windshield wiper. He stated that things escalated between them, and they were both shot dead.


Old photo of late Kaliah Dearing dressed up for her 8th grade graduation
Old photo of late Kaliah Dearing dressed up for her 8th grade graduation ( Source : Pennlive )


According to the transcript from his sentencing earlier this year, Battle then relocated their bodies, partially covered them, and picked up two-shot shells from the room before escaping.

However, the mother of Kaliyah believes there’s more to the tale than a broken windshield wiper. There must be, she reasoned. “I still believe something is missing,” Veronica Murray remarked. “He’s omitting something. He’s keeping something from me. ”

Murray is still at the beginning of her mourning journey, 12 months after losing her youngest daughter due to a lack of answers. She intends to hold an anniversary vigil at 4 p.m. Saturday on the street where the girls died so that friends and loved ones may share recollections and pay tribute to the close-knit sisters.

Battle waived his preliminary hearing, avoiding a public presentation of the preliminary evidence against him. He subsequently took the uncommon step of pleading guilty during his first court appearance to two counts of first-degree murder, burglary, and tampering, skipping a full indictment and trial.

Prosecutors considered his police confession to be the greatest proof of his guilt. According to Authority Chief Thomas Carter, citizen participation aided police in making the arrest. He said that detectives spent approximately 1,000 hours on the matter.

“My resources were nearly depleted, but we didn’t give up.” We did not give up. “There were many restless nights,” Carter said.

The police department conducted a search of Battle’s home in the 1700 block of North Street, in the city’s Allison Hill area. According to a search warrant affidavit, police went to the residence seeking a 9mm pistol, ammo, a mobile phone, and blood-stained clothes.

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