Who Is Anna Meares Husband Nick Flyger – Anna Meares and her husband Nick Flyger have two children, Evelyn Bette Meares Flyger and William (Bill) Cossey Meares Flyger.

In late March 2022, she married her husband, Nick Flyger. He competes on the National Senior Track and Field Team. Rene Wolff, the Lead Sprint Coach, resigned last year, and Nick took over in late February. Fionn Cullinane had been serving as an interim replacement.

Meares stated that for the time being, she and her partner Nick Flyger are coping well with parenting and alternate when it comes to the child so that one of them can take a break.

The family planned to join Nick in Cambridge in March 2022.

She and her family currently live in Adelaide, South Australia, where the Adelaide Super-Drome is home to the Australian Institute of Sport’s Track Cycling program.

Anna Meares’ family encouraged her to pursue competitive cycling.

Anna Meares was encouraged to start cycling by her family. She was the youngest of four children born to Anthony and Marilyn Meares.

She began competing in the sport in 1994, at the age of 11, after her older sister Kerrie Meares.

The girls had to travel over two hours from their home in Middlemount, a small coal mining town in Queensland, to the nearest cycling track in Mackay.

Who Is Anna Meares Husband Nick Flyger
Anna Meares family supported her cycling career ( Source : instagram )

Meares has stated that she gradually realized throughout her career that she was serving as a role model and presenting “a different stereotypical image of what it is to be a powerful woman.”

She previously married Mark Chadwick. In January 2015, her first marriage to her first husband ended in divorce. Anna was struggling after their divorce and was considering quitting riding.

She felt happier than she had since the divorce after the birth of her first child, Evelyn, in February 2020 with her husband Nick Flogger.

Meet Anna Meares’s two children, Evelyn Bette Meares Flyger and William Cossey Meares Flyger

On February 10, 2020, Anna Meares and Nick Flyger welcomed their first child, Evelyn Bette Meares Flyger.

Their daughter, weighing 3.39kg, was born at 12:07 a.m. on 10/02/2020. The next day, Anna announced the news on Instagram, citing motherhood as her greatest accomplishment.

Anna and her partner Nick announced her pregnancy with their first child in September 2019.

Anna Meares and her husband, Nick Flyger, have two children: Evelyn, a daughter, and Bill, a son.

Their son, William (Bill) Cossey Meares Flyger, joined their growing family on October 15, 2021. He was 47cm at birth and weighed 3.450kg. Bill weighed heavier than Evelyn by 0.06kg.

Her lifelong ambition had been to become a mother. She didn’t think she’d be a mother after her divorce from her first husband, Mark Chadwick. Fortunately, she found love again in the arms of Nick and became a mother twice.

“One of my first coaches, Marv [Martin Barras], used to joke that I already had my kids’ names on the doors,” Anna Meares said.

She was also a foster parent prior to having her daughter. Meares has cared for many children ranging in age from four to eight.

Who Is Anna Meares Husband Nick Flyger?

Anna Meares married her husband, Nick Flyger, on March 26, 2022. Melissa Alagich took their wedding photos.

Nick Meares, Anna Meares’ husband, works for “Cycling Australia” as a national senior track sprint cycling educator.

Flyger, originally from New Zealand, has been employed by Cycling Australia’s dash utility for the past ten years. He was born in Greymouth and was reared in Nelson. Before moving abroad, he earned his degree at Otago University, where he also taught physical education.

He subsequently began working as a biomechanics expert at the Malaysian National Sports Institute before moving to Canberra to enroll in the Cycling Australia program at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Flyger worked there as a Senior Physiologist for three years before starting to teach the monitor dash software application full-time in 2016.

As a result of Cycling Revised Zealand’s new sprint strategy, Nick joined the organization in February 2022, replacing Rene Wolff, who left following the Olympics in Tokyo. Home

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