Anne Heche Ex-Husband James Tupper – On August 5, 2022, the American actress Anne Heche was involved in a terrible accident. She had severe cuts and burns all over her body, and she was being intubated.

Anne Heche Ex-Husband James Tupper: Who Is He? Meet Daughter Atlas Heche Tupper

The actress was driving recklessly between her two car accidents, according to TMZ reports. Before colliding with a house, she was speeding down a residential street. In the end, her body suffered severe injuries and her home was damaged

Heche was rushed to an ambulance in the horrifying TV footage of the incident before abruptly sitting up straight and exposing her back burns. Fortunately, neither the homeowners nor any bystanders were hurt. Anne was hoisted from her car by a crane.

According to Heche’s family, the actress is not expected to live, according to a recent news report. She still isn’t conscious and has “serious anoxic brain injury,” which is what happens when the brain isn’t getting enough oxygen.


Anne Heche Ex-Husband James Tupper: Who Is He?

In the year 2008, Anne Heche wed actor James Tupper. They first connected on the sets of Men in Trees before becoming co-stars in the post-apocalyptic action movie Aftermath.

Atlas Heche Tupper, who was born in March 2009, is another child that Heche and Tupper share. However, they parted ways in 2018 for unspecified reasons. Tupper was previously married to American author Kate Mayfield before he met Heche.

Actor James Tupper was born in Canada. His portrayal of Jack Slattery in the ABC television series Men in Trees has earned him recognition.

Tupper portrayed David Clarke on ABC’s Revenge and Dr. Chris Sands on the NBC medical drama Mercy. In addition to Big Little Lies on HBO, he has appeared in the films Aftermath and Space.

Tupper played the role of Kyle in the 2022 horror film The Requin. He appeared in the TV shows The Detectives and The Hardy Boys a year ago.


Meet Her Daughter Atlas Heche Tupper

Atlas Heche Tupper, Anne Heche’s second child, was born in March 2009. He is a well-known star kid who is currently 19 years old. Young Tupper has always been the focus of media attention because of her family’s fame.

Tupper currently resides in Canada with his father, James Tupper. Many people are worried about the 13-year-old boy because his mother, Heche, was recently involved in a fatal car accident.

Atlas uses the handle @atlastupper to participate in social networking sites. He hasn’t, however, yet published anything to his account. According to rumors, his father oversees his performance.

Atlas’ father James recently posted a picture of his son with Anne Heche. The Canadian actor sent a message to the mother of his child wishing her a speedy recovery and good health.

How Rich Is Atlas Heche Net Worth In 2022?

Atlas Heche Tupper, age 13, is still too young to have a net worth estimate made of him. As a celebrity child, he has a million dollar net worth.

Meanwhile, Atlas’ mother, Anne Heche’s net worth is USD 4 million. She has appeared in numerous well-known films and TV shows since her debut in 1997. Her breakout performance came in the movie Donnie Brasco.

Similar to his ex-wife, Atlas’ father, James Tupper, has a net worth of USD $4 million. He is still active on the screens and earning pretty well.

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