Anthony Raccuglia: In the Starved Rock Murders case, Anthony Raccuglia was the prosecutor who sentenced Chester Weger to prison. Scroll down to read his obituary and learn more about him on Wikipedia.

Anthony Raccuglia: Is He The Prosecutor Who Jailed Chester Weger In The Starved Rock Murders Case? Know Everything About Him

Anthony Raccuglia worked for the state of Illinois as a prosecutor and litigator. In the high-profile case of the Starved Rock Murders, he prosecuted Chester Weger.

Raccuglia tried cases in approximately 102 Illinois counties. He received awards and professional honors as a result of his contributions.

However, Anthony’s Starved Rock Murders case remains contentious. Weger initially confessed to the crimes, but later stated that he was falsely accused of the murders and that he is actually innocent.

Because he was the longest-serving model inmate, Chester was eligible for parole in 2020. When he was released, the case resurfaced in the news.


 Anthony Raccuglia: Died At 85 РObituary

Anthony Raccuglia died at the age of 85, according to his online obituary.

On May 18, 2019, he died at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Prior to his death, he may have had a brief illness.

Raccuglia was born to Samuel and Jennie Raccuglia. He dedicated his life to prosecuting criminals and maintaining societal peace.

Despite his efforts, Anthony remains a divisive figure in the Starved Rock Murder cases.

Anthony Raccuglia Wikipedia Explored

We have covered some of Anthony Raccuglia’s bio details, despite the fact that he does not have a Wikipedia page.

He grew up in Illinois and went to a local high school. He then went on to get his law degree and work as a lawyer.

Raccuglia honed his skills over time and eventually became a prosecutor. He took action against the criminals and ensured that the victims were compensated.

Anthony, on the other hand, rose to prominence after taking on the case of the Starved Rock Murders. Three women’s bodies were discovered in St. Louis Canyon on March 14, 1960.

Chester Weger was apprehended as a result of the investigation. Weger initially confessed to the murders in front of the deputies, according to American Hunting Sink.

Raccuglia then prosecuted him and sentenced him to prison. Chester, on the other hand, has maintained his innocence throughout the years, claiming that the deputies falsely accused him of crimes he did not commit.

The case is still making headlines, but the court has not found Weger guilty.

Details On Anthony Raccuglia Wife And Son- David

Anthony Raccuglia married twice to his beautiful wives.

Shirley, his first wife, was the one with whom he first tied the knot. In 1968, she died, and he married Judy Franken for the second time.

Raccuglia then broke up with Judy and began dating Dee Butler. The couple had been dating for a while but had never exchanged vows.

Raccuglia has three children: David and Damon, as well as Cynthia, his daughter.

David Raccuglia is well-known for his role in the HBO docuseries The Murders At Starved Rock. He’s also a director, hairstylist, photographer, and owner of a men’s salon.

Cynthia, his daughter, went on to become a judge and an attorney, following in his footsteps. Damon, on the other hand, is a day trader with experience in the financial industry.

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