Antonio Garza Net Worth: What Is YouTuber’s Wealth Source? Antonio Garza is a YouTuber best known for her make-up and beauty product tutorials.

Her comedic editing is also well-known. Garza has also collaborated with well-known YouTubers such as James Charles, LARRY, and Twaimz. Antonia started her YouTube career in 2014 and now has millions of subscribers.

Her last post on YouTube was in 2021, so she doesn’t appear to be very active lately. She announced in 2020 that she was about to discontinue her YouTube channel, but she did not and remained active until 2021.

How Did Antonio Garza Make Her Money? Net Worth Of YouTuber

Antonio Garza’s net worth is estimated to be about $2 million in 2022.

She makes her money through the views and ad revenue generated through her Youtube channel.

She earns through TikTok views and has recently collaborated with Wildflower phone cases.

So, she might earn from the sales of the phone cases. It is not the first time that she collaborated with Wildflower Cases.

She shared that she loves collaborating with Wildflower cases, and her first collaboration with them was special to her. Similarly, her first collaboration was more focused on sunset, while in this collaboration, she has been more focused on outer space.

There are three phone cases in collaboration with Wildflower Cases. All the phone cases are for iPhone models, and they are:

  • Antonio Garza iPhone 13 Pro Case
  • Antonio Garza Butterfly iPhone 12 Pro Max Case
  • Antonio Garza Space iPhone 14 Case

Due to her flourishing career, she was able to her dream car, a $100,000 Tesla, in July 2019.

Antonie began her journey as a Youtuber in 2014. Although she opened her Youtube channel in 2014, she was seen uploading her first video in 2018.

Her first video was Valentine’s Heart Cut Crease Make-Up Look, which was uploaded on February 5, 2018. The video has got about 1.9 million views.

According to the social blade, she is estimated to earn about $468  –  $7.5K in a month from her Youtube channel, Antonio Garza.

Similarly, she earns about $39  –  $624 monthly from her channel and about $9 – $146 every week.

Her videos comprise her giving makeup tutorials or describing makeup products. She usually gets hundred of thousand to millions of views on her YouTube channel.

Antonie also started her business venture by opening her clothing line, which includes hoodies imprinted with Rhinestones and her favorite emojis and cartoon characters.

She was initially criticized for her products being more expensive. She was also able to collaborate on her hoodie with Champion.

Despite the criticism, Garza has been working on her business. In her store, besides hoodies, there are other products like Joggers, Socks, T-shirts, and accessories, including pins.

Her products range from $5.99 to $50, and the colors of her products are pastel colors or light or dark colors.

Antonio Garza’s Family Background

Antonio Garza’s Family comprises her parents and siblings.

The Youtuber has not opened up about her parents, but she seems to have an older brother.

She was born on December 15, 2002, in Texas, USA. Due to her hard work, Antonia has been one of the Known Make-Up content Youtubers.

Antonio Garza Net Worth: What Is YouTuber's Wealth Source?
Antonio Garza has not shared much about her family to the public yet. ( Source : instagram )

Antonia started her YouTube channel when she was 16 years old. She was in school and was struggling to balance her studies and her YouTube career. As a result, she dropped out of school to concentrate solely on her YouTube channel.

She discussed her decision with her mother, who was initially opposed but later supported Antonia. Even after she removed her video from YouTube, her fans complained that it was repetitive. She was not offended by the comments, but she did respond to them by agreeing with their assessment of her repetitiveness.

She asked them to give ideas to change her content and called them to give her new ideas. She has not quit Youtube yet but has been inactive for about a year.

Antonia was on the verge of quitting her channel as she was going through a lot of stuff in 2020.

In 2020 her life went downward as she started getting frequent panic attacks. Similarly, it just wet worse as she was hear broked due to her ex.

She was dealing with panic heart attacks and heartbreak when she experienced yet another loss of her grandmother. Similarly, she got another bad news as her dog had got cancer. So, everything came at once to her, so she couldn’t concentrate on Youtube and took a break from it.

After feeling alright, she got back to Youtube and shared about it through one of her videos on the internet.

Antonio Garza’s Boyfriend

Antonio Garza seems to be single and is not currently dating anyone.

But she surprised her fans by uploading a video called Meet my Boyfriend “Crazy” in February 2020. Her fans were surprised to find her boyfriend. In the video, she asked her friend Benji if he would be her boyfriend.

Benji was seen sharing that Antonia has asked many times to him that if she wants to be her boyfriend, and he shares that he only sees her as a friend. After sharing his thoughts, he brutally rejects Antonia, saying Antonia is ugly. Antonia was seen as sad, and the clip ended.

Later, Antonia shared that it was a prank, asking Beji was all set up, and it was all acting.

Antoni was born as a male and now identifies herself as a woman. She has been open about her identity.

She is known for her makeup video, and people like her not only for her makeup video but also for her humor and storytelling skills. One of the reasons for her becoming famous on Youtube is that she got effortlessly connected with fans.

She was able to win Shorty Award in the beauty category from the 11th Annual Shorty Awards. Her Youtube channel has got about 3.37 million views. Home 

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