Azra Kemal Death Cause: By What Did Azra Kemal Die “Fire Or Fall”? Read to the end for details

Azra Kemal Death Cause: By What Did Azra Kemal Die "Fire Or Fall"?  Bridge Video And Inquest


Following the discovery that Azra Kemal’s body had been raped three times by David Fuller, the case became critical.

She was one of at least 100 victims of David, a thief who worked for the hospital trust as an electrical maintenance manager and had gotten away with his crimes for years.

The case is being reinvestigated by the authorities, but no new information has been released.

Nevres Kemal, the mother of 24 year old Azra, who died after falling from the A21 bridge near Tonbridge, told the court the moment she heard David Fuller had pleaded guilty “was the first time I’d felt for a long time I wanted to live.” She says her purpose is to do Azra justice

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Azra Kemal Death Cause: Details

Azra Kemal was 24 years old at the time of her death. Her death was tragic on July 16, 2020, and her case is still being looked into.

Azra was on her way to London with a friend. She needed to get her Louis Vuitton bag, but the car was engulfed in flames and smoke.

They both made it across the central reservation in the hopes of spotting vehicles still on their way south.

In a rush to get back to the northbound carriageway, she attempted to clamber over yet another massive waist-high barrier. Instead, she slipped between the two highways through a small gap.

Witnesses saw the driver flee her flaming Ford Focus on the A21 in Tonbridge, Kent, and head towards the central reservation.

By What Did Azra Kemal Die “Fire Or Fall”?

Azra Kemal died after falling 30 feet from a road bridge near Tonbridge on the A21. Given that the inquest is still ongoing, her Bridge video has gone viral on the internet.

Azra Kemal was driving to London with a friend when she fell off the A21 bridge and onto the ground below.

With a dislocated arm, shattered ribs, and a split pelvis, she died as a result of trauma.

Her mother revealed that a horrific killer, David Fuller, raped her daughter’s lifeless body as she lay in a hospital morgue after she died, which was extremely upsetting.

In an interview with Sky News, Azra’s mother, Nevres, said she wanted to tell the world what had happened and recalled the moment police arrived at her house to deliver the news.



Nevres Kemal’s daughter Azra was sexually assaulted multiple times in a hospital mortuary by David Fuller. The judge was only able to hand down a 3 month sentence for the offences Fuller committed against Azra due to current guidelines. Nevres wants the law to change.

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Her daughter had been sexually assaulted three times in the mortuary, she claimed.

She slept next to and cradled her daughter for the first time to express her condolences, completely unaware that she had been raped by Fuller just hours before.

David initially pleaded guilty to two counts of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished culpability, but in the middle of his trial, he unexpectedly admitted to murdering the ladies.


“This is not fair and just.”

The mother of Azra Kemal, whose body was assaulted in a mortuary by David Fuller, has called his sentencing for these crimes a “disgrace”, saying the “law must change”.

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— Sky News (@SkyNews) December 15, 2021


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