Bad Habits to Avoid When You're Using Contact Lenses

Bad Habits to Avoid When You’re Using Contact Lenses – Contact lenses are supposed to improve your vision. However, they can end up causing eye complications, especially if you purchase the wrong item or misuse the product.

Dr. Malcolm Kates and Dr. Sonal Tuli from the University of Florida College of Medicine point out that people can develop eye problems from contact lenses due to a lack of proper care. Common complications include dry eyes, discomfort, conjunctivitis, or corneal infiltrates. However, others can experience worse conditions like corneal abrasion, cornea neovascularization, and even infections because of bad usage habits.

If you want to use contact lenses regularly, you can protect the health of your eyes by avoiding these common bad habits:

Purchasing counterfeit contact lenses

Do you frequently purchase contact lenses from beauty supply stores, novelty shops, or street vendors? The contact lenses from these suppliers may be cheaper than those in reputable shops because they sell counterfeit contact lenses.

The FDA states that you’ll be able to tell that you’re purchasing counterfeit contact lenses when the seller doesn’t ask for your prescription before providing you with the product. Though these counterfeit products are more inexpensive, you’ll be at higher risk of experiencing dry eyes and vision problems if you continue to wear them. Frequent use of these counterfeit contact lenses can lead to serious and even irreversible consequences, such as decreased vision and blindness.

Failing to use the right type of contacts for your eyes

Contact lenses are not a one-size-fits-all product. You can increase your risk of experiencing dry eyes and even corneal abrasion if you constantly purchase contact lenses based on your aesthetic and other personal preferences—rather than your medical needs.

Therefore, it’s essential to consider your prescription needs and your eye measurements when getting contact lenses. Online optical retailer OPSM offers a range of contact lens types to accommodate your vision needs, such as soft hydrogel lenses for those with dry eyes and thus need their eyes moisturized all day long. Meanwhile, people with astigmatism have different lens shapes, which is why you should get specialized toric contact lenses to avoid any corneal damage due to the wrong fit.

Sleeping while still wearing your contact lenses

Are you guilty of sleeping in your contact lenses? Health reveals that about a third of contact lens wearers nap or even sleep while wearing their contacts. While this can be convenient for busy bees, this bad habit can cause injuries to the eye and even increase your risk of having infections. This can also increase the risk of dry eyes, especially if you sleep in a cold environment where the humidity can sap out the moisture from your eyes.

Wearing your contact lenses overnight can make it difficult for your cornea to access oxygen. The lack of access to oxygen can primarily lead to an injury. However, if this bad habit happens more frequently, the cornea can break down and become more vulnerable to bacterial infections. These complications can be excruciating and damaging, making it important to take out your contact lenses at night regularly.

Failing to clean reusable contact lenses

People who wear reusable contact lenses are at higher risk of getting eye infections than those who wear disposable lenses. However, the infection is actually caused by people’s poor hygiene habits, rather than the type of contact lens itself.

While it can be tempting to cut corners in your nightly routine, it’s important to clean your reusable contact lenses every night to eliminate any substances that can potentially irritate or infect your eyes the next day. You can do this by filling your contact lens cases with fresh solution, rubbing the lens in the solution, and rinsing it properly afterward. You should also store the contact lenses in their case to avoid contamination.

If you’re guilty of doing these bad habits, now’s the best time to stop doing them. You’ll be able to improve your vision and maintain your eye health, as long as you learn how to purchase and use your contact lenses properly.

Author: Kye Collins 
Image source: Pexels

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