Bamise Ayanwole BRT Story – What happened to her that led to her death? Bamise, was the young lady who went missing after boarding a BRT bus from Chevron Lekki to Oshodi in Lagos on Saturday, 26th February 2022. Below is everything around her story that you need to know!

Bamise Ayanwole BRT Story – Who Is The Missing Girl?

Bamise Ayanwole BRT Story - Who Is The Missing Girl? Voice Note, Videos, Dead Body And Other Details
Bamise Ayanwole BRT Story – Who Is The Missing Girl?

Bamise was a 22 years old fashion designer who worked at Chevron Estate Lekki. She was from Ekiti state and lived in Ota where she usually spends her weekend after the end of work each week.

What Happened To Bamise?

The 22-year-old lady, Bamise Ayanwole, went missing after boarding an LBSL bus, popularly known as BRT, on her way from work by 7 pm on the 26th of February 2022.

It is said, Bamise boarded a BRT bus with number 240257 at Chevron Bus-Stop, Lekki Lagos en route to Oshodi that fateful day.

While on the journey, she became suspicious as the driver didn’t carry any other passengers and she was alone in the bus.

Upon realizing, she might be in danger, it is said she called a friend to express her concerns and did a video telling her friend that she was afraid.


Bamise Video In The Brt

In the video, it’s apparent she became uneasy as she was the only one on the dark bus. You could also hear her ask that prayers be said for her because her mind is not at rest. She explained that the driver didn’t pick anyone else up after picking her up.

Bamise’s Voice Notes In The BRT

While in the BRT she also exchanges a series of voice notes conversations with the friend giving her updates.

In a series of voice notes exchanges between Bamise and a friend, which were shared on social media, she was heard telling the friend in Yoruba that the bus stopped to pick her up but did not pick other passengers.


Is Bamise Dead – See Photos of Her Dead Body

Yes, she is dead. A family member confirmed her death and said they have gone to the mortuary to identify her body and that body parts are missing. However, One of Ayanwole’s relatives said that they are awaiting the outcome of an autopsy to confirm their observation.

Report has it that the body was found lying on the Carter Bridge by Ogogoro Community, Lagos Island.

Bamise’s name is the number 1 trending topic on Twitter as Nigerians demand answers.


The relative lamented that efforts to rescue Oluwabamise Ayanwole by passers-by failed, insisting that justice must be done.

According to him, Bamise’s body was first sighted in public late on Saturday when a BRT and jeep dumped her body and zoomed off.

According to the family “The picture of her corpse was first sent to us. We went to confirm and she was the one. The picture of her corpse is gory, it shouldn’t be shared. She was taken to Morgue on Sunday. Police found out about her death Saturday night.

“A passer-by alerted the police at Ebute Ero. On getting there, people trying to see if she could survive fled on sighting police officers. She didn’t die immediately she was dumped.

“When the police got there, she was not on panties. She was naked. They didn’t take off only her top. Some of her body parts were tampered with and missing. Investigation into the cause of her death continues.


Bamise Ayanwole BRT Story – Her Family Details

It’s unclear who Bamise’s father is, however her mother who appears to be in her 40s was the one who raised an alarm after her daughter didn’t return from work that weekend. See video

The death of the Fashion designer has put the family in shock as the mother expressed uneasiness in a video over how her daughter died.

As seen in the Video Bamise’s mother cries uncontrollably as she demands justice for her daughter who was killed after boarding a BRT bus
Bamise’s mother is inconsolable after receiving news of her daughter’s death.

Bamise Ayanwole BRT Story – Does Bamise Have Siblings

Yes, she does have brothers and sisters! Her elder sister was recently interviewed by Punch over her Bamise’s death

Listen to her.


Driver Has Been Arrested – The suspected Killer Of Bamise

The Driver of the BRT bus murdered Bamise boarded has been arrested by the Nigerian police.
Police confirmed the arrest of the driver identified as Nice Andrew on Monday afternoon shortly after the death of Bamise broke the internet.

An interview has been granted following the arrest of the driver but he’s claiming innocent of what happened to Bamise. However many people are giving different opinions on the matter as the driver’s second interview didn’t match the first one. Below are the two interviews

First Interview Video


Second Interview Video


Press Statement Of The Transport Company

This is story is still developing, so watch this space for more updates including Bamise’s Facebook and Instagram account details.

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