Barry Corbin Cancer Illness: Is He Still Alive? Health Update

What’s the latest with Barry Corbin Cancer Illness? People were worried about whether Barry Corbin was still alive after the news of his death began receiving some publicity.

Barry Corbin is an American Actor, he is well-known for his role in the television series Northern Exposure (1990–1995), and for the role, he gained two consecutive Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

Corbin started playing football in eighth grade; he thought he would continue his career as a player. But after some time, he sifted to art classes, including acting and battle. 

So, he started his acting career in 1960; he is more into the local sheriff or authority figure role. 

He has been acting since 1960; he is currently involved in the movie Killers of the Flower Moon, which will be released in 2023. 

Is Barry Corbin Still Alive?

Barry Corbin’s death hoax spread on Facebook on November 13, 2022. The post that the Actor Barry Corbin is no longer with us was getting viral, so people were shocked to hear the news. 

But the news was fake; he was alive. He seems to be doing fine with his health; when people started being the hoax, he released the information about his health. 

When the news started getting viral, hundreds of fans began writing condolence to his family and friends; they started believing what the internet was making them feel. 

Barry Corbin Cancer Illness: Is He Still Alive? Health Update
Recent Picture of Barry Corbin. (Image Source: Super Star Bio)

The hoax started getting in the news just after some minutes, the post where it was written RIP Barry Corbin got more than a million likes on Facebook. 

But at some point, people realized that the news was fake and the Actor was living his life; when he confirmed the report, the post regarding his death was deleted. 

So, the news confirms that the Actor Barry Corbin is with us and is not dead. 

Barry Corbin Cancer Illness & Health Update

The star Barry Corbin released the news about the battle against oral Cancer; he mentioned that he almost took his career in hand. 

Corbin said that he was having some problems, and he realized that there was a spot on the inside of his cheek that didn’t go away after some time. 

He showed new what it was, but he kept it secret and did not tell anyone. Then, he was more concerned when the spot inside his cheek made him uncomfortable. 

Then, he went to the hospital; the doctor warned him that he might lose his voice, he might have lost his husky, native-Texan drawl.

'Yellowstone' 's Barry Corbin Says Oral Cancer Could Have Cost Him His Famous Voice
Corbin of “Yellowstone” claims that oral cancer might have cost him his well-known voice.  (Source: People)

They told him that he might have to undergo vocal implantation, which might cause a slight difference in his voice. 

Then, he took a risk and decided to take a break from the movie and have surgery without telling anyone, but on his side, his wife was always there for her.

He took some time to recover after the surgery; he was taking 12 hours or more hours of sleep when the surgery was done. 

It took some time, but he is doing fine now, oral Cancer has gone, and he is doing fine with his voice and everything done from surgery. 

Corbin took a risk and is fine and living his life. He is back filming his movie; it was a surprise when he revealed the news. 

But with everything from his surgery, he is living everyday life with his family; we will see him in his movie in 2023, which is currently filming.

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