Benjamin Gray Wikipedia – Who Is He?  Officer Benjamin Gray of the Sacramento Folsom Police Department was arrested for secretly recording a woman while she was off duty without her consent.

Benjamin Gray Wikipedia - Who Is He? Sacramento Police Officer Arrested For Recording Women

People have been living in fear as the global crime rate has increased, but the involvement of someone regarded as the law’s guardian exacerbates the situation.

With the official crime rate on the rise, another case involving a police officer has come to light, shocking the entire country. A cop recently surrendered after a woman accused him of filming her without her permission.


Benjamin Gray Wikipedia – Who Is He?

Benjamin Gray, a Sacramento police officer, recently got arrested on allegations that he secretly videotaped an intimate meeting with a woman without their consent.

According to Sacramento officials, Benjamin Grays got arrested on Monday. They stated that Grays’ arrest was made on suspicion of the off-duty crimes he committed that stemmed from a Folsom Police Department investigation. 



Gray eventually surrendered to the Sacramento County Jail. On January 17, he was placed on administrative leave and had his peace officer privileges revoked.

All of this happened when Folsom police informed them that they were investigating a criminal complaint involving Gray. While the investigation is ongoing, he will be on leave.

Did Officials Release Benjamin Gray Mugshots To The Public?

Benjamin Gray’s mugshots have yet to be released to the public by Sacramento authorities.

Regular images of Benjamin, on the other hand, have appeared all over the internet. In the photos, Benjamin appears to be a young white man with short, clean-cut hair.

Furthermore, the cop has grey hair, stands around 6 feet tall, and is of average physical size.

Although Benjamin’s professional information has been widely disseminated on the internet, his personal information remains largely unknown.



Unofficial reports suggest that Benjamin is a resident of Folsom. His additional details such as his permanent address and family details remain a mystery. 

Sacramento Police Officer Benjamin Gray Arrested For Recording Women

Officer Benjamin Gray of the Sacramento Police Department got arrested for secretly recording a woman while off duty.

Following this, many individuals, including high-ranking police, have harshly criticized the officer for his actions.

According to Chief Katherine Lester, a cop should be held to the highest norms both on and off duty. The suspected criminal behavior, he continued, is alarming and unacceptable.

He further stated that such behavior erodes trust between law enforcement and the general public. Also emphasized was how authorities work so hard every day to create and maintain relationships with the people.

Benjamin Gray Charges Listed

Gray’s arrest warrant got issued on two charges. Recording confidential communication without consent was one of the counts.

On the other hand, videotaping intimate settings without consent was another charge leveled against Gray.

Anyone who has been in a connection with Gray in the previous three years and believes they have got victimized is advised to contact Folsom police.

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