Betty Garrison Obituary – Betty was brutally murdered by her daughters and one of her daughters’ boyfriend. Here’s everything you need to know about Betty and her murder investigation.

Betty Garrison Obituary – Murder: Where Is Melissa Garrison Now?

Betty Garrison was a divorced social worker who was raising her two daughters on her own.

Furthermore, she was only 45 years old when she was murdered by her daughters Shannon and Melissa, as well as Melissa’s boyfriend Allen Goul.

Betty was a strict mother, and Shannon’s friends recalled her being suspended for up to a month for failing to complete a domestic chore.

The older girl was often chastised for leaving the house late at night. She was constantly expressing her contempt for her mother.

Investigators discovered letters in which she expressed her desire to kill Betty and her inability to control her rage. They showed no remorse for their mother’s murder.


Betty Garrison Obituary – Murder Details Explored

Betty Garrison’s obituary was widely circulated following her death in July 1992.

She was murdered while sleeping in her mother’s bedroom in Gulfport’s Bayou View neighborhood, where she was fighting for her life.

She fought, battled, and crawled under a bed at her house numerous times in an attempt to escape the killer.

She was pushed down and a pillow was placed over her face as she was fatally stabbed.

Shannon, her older daughter, and Melissa’s boyfriend, Allen Goul, were unquestionably the perpetrators of the heinous crime. They were both sentenced to life in prison for the murder.



Where Is Melissa Garrison Now?

Melissa Garrison, Betty’s daughter who turned murderous, is currently dead.

Melissa Garrison, the young woman who spent only a year in prison for the murder of her mother, died of lung disease in 2002.

In 1992, the crime shook the coast. Garrison, 15, and Shannon, 17, were arrested just hours after their mother’s death was discovered in her Bayou View home.

Melissa told police she opened a window to let her boyfriend, Allen Robert Goul, in. Mrs. Garrison’s chamber was then invaded by Shannon and Goul, who assaulted her.

Shannon Garrison and Allen Goul pled guilty to murder just days before their August 1993 trial. A judge sentenced them to life in prison.

After four jurors deliberated, Melissa was found guilty of murder. The state Supreme Court overturned Melissa’s conviction in 1998, ruling that statements from Melissa’s sister Shannon should not have been used as evidence.

Melissa entered a “guilty” plea to manslaughter as she prepared for her fifth trial. A year later, she was granted parole.


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