Bobbi Greaves is the older sister of Beau Graves. She works at Hesley Group in Doncaster.

Doncaster was where the Greaves sisters were born and brought up.

Bobbi Greaves has always been present in every darts tournament her younger sister has participated in. She managed to work 14 hours shifts at Hesley and took trips to Germany and Australia with her sister.

In April 2022, Bobbi saw her sister become the youngest-ever darts World Championship winner defeating Kirsty Hutchinson 4-0 in the finals. And the 18-year-old has kept her feet firmly on the ground as on Sunday, she progressed to the PDC World Darts Championship.

Nicknamed “Beau ‘n’ Arrow” Greaves sealed her Ally Pally debut for December and said she is ready to take on the likes of Michael van Gerwen and Peter Wright and isn’t not going to back down.

Full NameBobbi Greaves
ProfessionSupport Worker
Father’s NameDave Greaves
Mother’s NameTracy Greaves
Siblings3(Taylor, Harry and Beau)

Who Is Bobbi Greaves? Meet Beau Greaves Sister

Bobbi Greaves is the older sister of the professional darts player Beau Greaves. The ubiquitous presence held by Bobbi in her sister’s life is seen through their social media handle.

Bobbi never misses a single tournament of her sister, with many of Beau’s fans even calling her the dart star player’s manager. But accompanying her younger sister to her tournaments isn’t the only job Bobbi needs to attain.

Bobbi Greaves(L)with her sister Beau Greaves (R) pictured together after Beau won the Darts World Championship earlier in April
Bobbi Greaves(L)with her sister Beau Greaves (R) pictured together after Beau won the Darts World Championship earlier in April ( Source : instagram )

The older sister of the darts world champion, Bobbi, is on every other social media site. On Instagram, she has a 1.2 k following with the user handle @bob_greaves, and she is also present on Twitter with the username @bobgreaves_x.

The Doncaster natives, Greaves, have been in the media limelight ever since Beau made her mark as a 12-year-old, where she would defeat men older than her in darts tournaments held across the city.

Everything To Know About Beau Greaves Sister

1. Bobbi Greaves Works At Hesley Group

Bobbi Greaves, the older sister of Beau Greaves, is a support worker at Hesley Group. And though it remains unknown where she got her formal education, Bobbi seems to have joined Hesley earlier this year.

Hesley Group is a specialist provider for young people and adults with autism and was established in 1975. Hesley is located in the hometown of Bobbi, making it easier for her to commute to work.

Bobbi has previously poked fun about having to slug off to work for 14 hours and wake up with the realization that her sister is the rich one and not her.

And on her Instagram handle, Bobbi has previously shared photos of herself in her work attire complaining about the long shift but also rejoicing that soon she will get to travel with her sister to a tournament in Romania.

2. Bobbi Shares Two Brothers With Her Sister Beau

One glance at her Instagram handle might make you think that Bobbi has one sibling, the dart world champion, Beau Greaves. But she has two more siblings in Taylor and Harry.

The 25-year-old Taylor Greaves was the first one in the Greaves family to have shown interest in dart and earned a name for himself. Beau has even credited Taylor as the one to have pushed her toward the game.

In an interview with BBC in 2020, Beau said, “We used to have a room in our house where the dartboard would be, and I’d just score from my brother – it took off from there really.”

Taylor might not have given up on his dream to become a professional dart player, unlike his younger sister. The last competition he played was in 2018 at PDC Development Tour England and according to Darts Database has a career earning of £800.

There isn’t much information about their other sibling, Harry Greaves, but the siblings were seen together in 2021 during their father’s birthday celebration.

3. Bobbi Greaves Is 22 Years Old

The older sister of Beau Greaves, Bobbi Greaves, is 22 years old. She is four years older than Beau, who was born on January 9, 2004. Bobbi is the second oldest among her three siblings and is the one who has taken the responsibility to look after Beau.

From Germany to Australia, there isn’t a single tournament that Bobbi has missed to attend to cheer on her little sister. But though her love for her sister is pure, Bobbi has previously been accused by Beau’s fans of hoarding attention.

Bobbi celebrated her birthday every year in August, as she had previously tweeted, “Just booked my flights for the Platinum Australia darts open in August !! spending the week with my girl(Beau Greaves) as well as my birthday too. No one else I’d rather be with. So excited.”

4. Meet Bobbi Greaves Parents, Dave Greaves And Tracy Greaves

Bobbi Greaves was born to parents Dave Greaves and Tracy Greaves in 2000. Bobbi and her siblings were raised in Sprotbrough, Doncaster.

Dave, the father of four, was credited with making his youngest child Beau interested in darts as he would take her to pubs for practicing since age 10. Previously, Dave and Tracy had complained about the prize money for female dart players and how low it was compared to what many male players earn.

In 2018, Dave took to Facebook to complain how Beau, who had reached the last 16 of the main Ladies’ Singles, only received £25. Tracy commented on her husband’s post and said the organizers should be ashamed of themselves for treating the girls that way.

5. Bobbi’s Sister Beau Suffered From Dartitis

Beau Greaves, the sister of Bobbi Greaves and the youngest-ever world champion, suffered from dartitis. The condition is known to severely affect the motor skills of dart players, and the veterans of the game, Mark Walsh and Mark Webster, have fallen victim to it.

Deta Hedman, the legendary darts player, had previously spoken about Beau and her condition, calling it the worst case of dartitis she had ever seen. But the 18-year-old has come out on top of her condition and is currently ranked world number one.

Dartitis can take a major toll on the players, and in 2020, during a Grand Slam event, Berry van Peer was reduced to tears as he failed to release his darts when stepping ahead to compete against Gary Anderson.

Speaking to Weekly Dartscast in 2022, Beau said that her battle with dartritis has given her a new outlook toward the sport and said, “I’ve never felt as proud of myself, coming through that. I enjoy darts a lot more.”

Some FAQs

Who Is Bobbi Greaves?

Bobbi Greaves is the older sister of Beau Greaves.

How old is Bobbi Greaves?

Bobbi Greaves is 22 years old.

Who are Beau Greaves parents?

Tracy and David Greaves are parents of Beau Greaves. HOMEPAGE 

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