Brad Fittler son, Zach Fittler, has followed in his father’s footsteps.

Zach made his debut for the Roosters’ under-17 Harold Matthews team in February 2022. Here are ten facts about Zach Fittler, a young emerging player who has already celebrated a 22-14 victory over the Eels.

Brad Fittler Son: Zach Fittler Bio, Father, Mother, Sister, Sibling, & Net Worth

Zach Fittler Personal Life Info – Bio

Zach Fittler, who was born in 2006, is 16 years old. Zach began his career with the Roosters’ under-17 Harold Matthews team in February. It was on the occasion of his father, Brad Fittler’s, 50th birthday. Zach was both excited and nervous about his debut, according to Brad.

Zach, who led his team to a 22-14 victory over the Eels, appears to be on track to carry on his father’s legacy. Brad’s NRL career has a long history. He won premierships with the Panthers and Roosters after appearing in 336 first-grade games.

Fittler captained Australia in the Rugby League World Cup, which it won in 1995 and 2000, and New South Wales in the State of Origin throughout his playing career. Despite coaching the Origin team to victories in three of the last four games, Brad admits that he is careful not to over-inform his son.

Brad is aware that Zach has coaches and stated that the most difficult part of his day is probably not saying anything, despite the fact that there are numerous occasions when he wishes to.

Zach And Veteran Coach Brad Fittler Relationship

As we have established already, Zach Fittler is the son of the famed Australian coach Brad Fittler, aka Freddy. In addition to serving as the head coach of the New South Wales State of Origin team, Bradley Scott Fittler (born February 5, 1972) also serves as a pundit and a television host.

Fittler has coached Lebanon at the international level as well as the Sydney Roosters in the NRL. He has also served as a coach for the NSW City team. Brad is a former professional rugby league footballer who was regarded as one of Australia’s best in the first century. In 2000, he led Australia and New South Wales to the Golden Boot.
He was also inducted into the NSWRL Hall of Fame, held the third-most international caps for Australia, and retired as the most-capped New South Wales State of Origin player. Fittler was also a team captain who led the Kangaroos to Rugby League World Cup victories in 1995 and 2000. He was also a member of the winning team in 1992.

Fittler also coached the Sydney Roosters in the NRL from 2007 to 2009, and the City New South Wales squad in the City vs Country match from 2012 to 2017. Brad has also worked as an international rugby league coach, coaching the Lebanon national team at the 2017 Rugby League World Cup.

Zach Fittler Father Info

The young Zach is already as tall as his father, sporting a height of 186 cm (6 feet 1 inch). Similarly, he weighs 105 kg and seems destined to end up in the back row. Talking about his physical status, Brad stated, “He is bigger and stronger [than me], it happened a few years ago, so I’m used to being dominated at home.”

Brad, Zach’s father, was born in Auburn, Australia’s New South Wales. He grew up with his two siblings, Nathan and Kathleen Fittler, Zach’s uncle and aunt.

Before moving to Cambridge Park in the Penrith JRL District, he played junior rugby league for several clubs in the Parramatta JRL District, including Sadleir Bulldogs, Dayments, Ashcroft Stallions, and Mt. Pritchard Community Club (Mounties). 

Moreover, Brad participated in the Australian Schoolboys team in 1988 and 1989 while attending Ashcroft High School, St. Dominic’s College, and then McCarthy Catholic Senior High School Emu Plains.

Who Is Marie Liarris To Zach Fittler? Mother

Zach Fittler is the son of Brad Fittler and Marie Liarris. Marie is a longtime partner of Brad, whom he married a long time ago in Greece. As per Brad, marrying Marie was a turning point in his life. She was his love at first sight, and the couple is now proud parents of two children.

Marrie holds American citizenship and belongs to a caucasian ethnicity. She is a proud mother and a wife, living with her family in Terrey Hills. Marie’s husband, Brad, received the Australian Sports Medal in 2000 for contributing to rugby league in Australia’s position abroad.

In February 2008, he was named one of Australia’s 100 Greatest Players (1908-2007) as part of the NRL and ARL’s celebration of the sport’s 100th anniversary in Australia. Aside from sports, Brad Fittler has made a name for himself in the media. Brad began his digital career by co-hosting NRL Deluxe, a streaming video show that aired on Bigpond TV on Mondays and Thursdays.

Brad also appeared in two Telstra Next G TV commercials. In addition, he started working for the Nine Network in 2010. In 2010 and 2011, the veteran player and coach co-hosted The NRL Footy Show. In 2016, he also appeared in The NRL Rookie.

Freddy is also an author, and in 2005, a year after retiring, Fittler published his autobiography, “Freddy: The Brad Fittler Story.”

Zach Fittler Family: Meet His Sister And Step Sibling

Demi Fittler is Zach Fittler’s sister. Demi is 18 years old and made headlines a few months ago due to parking problems. Brad’s eldest daughter was fined by the local council after her Kia SUV with four-wheel drive was discovered illegally parked in a disabled spot in February.

Fittler contested the fine in Waverly Local Court on Tuesday. The coach of the eldest child of the NSW Blues Origin team admitted responsibility but claimed she was unaware the space was designated for drivers with disabilities.

Nevertheless, Demi is not the only sibling he has- Zach’s father has an illegitimate son after a one-night stand. He was born out of wedlock after Brad had an affair in 1995.

Brad has not visited the boy since 1996 and solely pays child support. He hopes the boy, already in his mid-twenties, lives in a stable environment and has a good life. Talking to The Sunday Telegraph, Brad spoke about his dark secret and the moment he learned he was a parent during his final year at Penrith in 1995.

Brad was 23 years old back then. The woman with whom he had a one-night fling was also 23 years old, and they met while on vacation in Sussex Inlet, New South Wales. A year later, she showed up at his house holding a baby and told him, “You can hold your child. It’s a boy.”

Fittler also conducted a DNA examination proving that it was his offspring. Since then, Fittler has been paying child support that dates back to the boy’s birth.

This is not the only controversy; Brad’s name has been fiddled with. In 1999, Fittler was dubbed as “the drunkest human being ever” by a police source as he left off by a taxi driver on the front lawn of a Sydney police station after a night out. 

Moreover, in 2009, police were summoned to Townsville’s Holiday Inn after two female guests reported a “creepy man” with a “hairy chest” with only shorts on trying to enter their room. Fittler was charged with a $10,000 fine. At 3:15 a.m., police discovered Fittler, who was still outside the room and was termed a “very inebriated” person.

Net Worth: Zach Fittler Father Is Quite Rich

While Zach has already embarked on his sports journey, it will take time to amass a fortune and name like his father. The estimated net worth of Brad Fittler is 10 million USD.

The media is aware of an increase in origin payouts to $12,500 per game, and the third-party sponsorship agreements are raised to $150,000. As a rugby team mentor and former player, Brad earned a fair amount of his income.

Brad reportedly agreed to a nearly $3.25 million contract with the Sydney Roosters team in 2002. He made almost $800,000 in salary in 2006. In 2002, Brad invested $2.12 million in a house in the Northern Sydney Suburb, which he sold for $2.4 million.

While attending McCarthy Catholic Senior High School in Sydney’s western suburbs, Brad started playing rugby. The Rugby Player defeated the Canberra Raiders 18-14 in the 1990 Grand Final. After being chosen, he joined Australia for the 1990 Kangaroo Tour of the UK and France.

The test started when he became the tour’s youngest player at Wembley Stadium in London. However, he was not allowed to participate because he insulted HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, by addressing him as “Good day buddy.”

The Roosters’ coach, Chris Anderson, resigned on July 9, 2007, just 48 hours after his team’s second-worst loss, a 56-0 loss to the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles. Fittler took over as head coach in Round 18, initially for a limited time until the end of the 2007 season.

On July 27, 2007, Fittler’s coaching career took a significant step forward. Melbourne Storm, the early favourites for the Premiership, were defeated 26-16 by the Roosters, but not before scoring two late consolation tries.

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