Chessie And Henry King Accident: Who Died? Henry King is the younger brother of Chessie King, a well-known Instagram influencer.

Chessie And Henry King Accident: Who Died? Best Freind, Death And Tribute

Chessie, his sister, founded the lifestyle, wellness, and exploratory blog C.Krets. She is well-known for sharing her insights and advice on her ChessieKingg Instagram account.

By educating her followers on how to live a better life and eat better, Chessie King amassed a sizable following on Instagram. Before becoming famous, King worked in the entertainment sector. In 2013, she most recently served as a moderator for OK! Magazine.

Chessie shared an Instagram story on July 27, 2022, hinting that one of her closest people died tragically.


Chessie And Henry King Accident: Were They Involved?

No, Henry King, the brother of Chessie King, is not dead. However, his close family friend tragically passed away a few days ago.

Netizens came to know about the news from Chessie’s recent Instagram story.

Talking Henry King, he is the youngest sibling of Chessie. His age is under 29 years old, as Chessie will be 29 years old in 2022.

Professionally speaking, Henry is an artist and a musician. He has recorded a song titled You Go I GO, which is available on Spotify.

He is active on Instagram with the handle name @henryarchive and has gained a total of 3,197 followers on Instagram.

Chessie King Brother’s Best Freind Death And Tribute

Chessie King has shared a sad post on her Instagram story. She has said that one of her closest family friends and best friend to her brother died tragically on Monday, July 25, 2022.

King wrote in her story that the friend who died was very close to her and her family. She and her brother went to a tribute rally for the late friend.

‘One of our brother’s best friends was tragically killed in a horrendous incident on Monday evening. We rallied around to smother hen in love yesterday. It is absolutely disgusting to see how some articles have misconstrued the truth.’

She also wrote: ‘Another wonderful young boy taken from such a special friend group.’

Like Chessie, Henry has also posted some photos on his Instagram, providing a tribute to his late friend.

Who Died?

Chessie King’s brother Henry King’s friend, Jack Fenton, lost his life on Monday, July 25, 2022., in a Greek Helicopter accident.

As he exited the aircraft, Fenton passed away at a heliport in Athens after being struck by the helicopter’s tail rotor.

Although Fenton’s demise was initially ruled an accident by the authorities, the pilot could yet face manslaughter charges. They think that before the engine and propellers completely stopped, the order to exit the helicopter was delivered.

Fenton was born on June 30, 2000, and was a wealthy Briton. Also, he is the son of Miguel Fenton, the head of marketing, sales, and PR at The Hop Farm.

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