Who Is Bromley FC Owner Robin Stanton Gleaves? Robin Stanton-Gleaves, the chairman of BROMLEY, claims he wants to take the team to League Two. Having collected 23 points through their first 11 games, the Lillywhites are second in the Vanarama National League standings and are only one point behind Woking.

Located in Bromley, Greater London, England, the Bromley Football Club plays professional football. They now play at Hayes Lane and are a part of the National League, the fifth division of English football.

Who Is Bromley FC Owner Robin Stanton Gleaves? His Son Jack Stanton Gloves & Friend Tom Aitkin

Who Is Bromley FC Owner Robin Stanton Gleaves?

After a fruitful sales career, Robin Stanton decided to leave his job and launch his own company in 2004. After 11 years of operation, Balreed Digitec, which had 250 employees and eight offices around the UK, was sold to Apogee Corporation, where he is currently a joint CEO.

Through an accidental encounter with Mark Goldberg in 2015 and an introduction to Jerry, he became involved with Bromley FC. Later that year, he contributed some money to the club, started going to games, and started getting to know individuals there and around.

He caught the Bromley FC bug as he spent more time at the club nearby. Since he went to school across the street from the club, my emotional connection to Bromley was the reason for his original investment.

As a 12-year-old Millwall supporter who was not permitted to go to their matches, he was forced to watch Bromley FC on Saturdays. He later discovered that Patrick Smith, a friend from high school with whom he attended games, continues to do so every week even after all these years.

Details About Robin Stanton Gleaves Football Club Bromley FC

Having been founded in 1892, Bromley first competed in the South London League before joining Division Two and became a founding member of the Southern League in 1894. However, they left to become founding members of the London League and joined Division Two after placing last in Division Two in 1895–96.

They were promoted to Division One after winning the division on their maiden try. For the 1898–99 season, they switched to the Kent League; however, after coming last in the division, they went back to Division One of the London League.



The club left Division One during the 1899–1900 campaign, moving their reserves’ games to Division Two. They left Division Two after the 1900–01 campaign.

The group was a founder of the Spartan League in 1907 and won the league’s first championship. The following year, they entered the Isthmian League and won back-to-back titles in 1908-09 and 1909-10.

His Son Jack Stanton Gloves & His Friend Tom Aitkin Helicopter Experience Details

The pilot and police’s version of events, according to Jack Stanton-Gleaves, 20, who was on board the helicopter with pals James Yeabsley, 19, and Max Savage, 20, a former student at Bournemouth University.

Jack Stanton-Gleaves told MailOnline that he and his family received no instructions upon exiting the helicopter, and no one accompanied them to the lounge. Jack’s father, Robin Stanton-Gleaves, is the owner and chairman of Bromley FC, a National League team. They merely held the doors open for us.

We got off the chopper by ourselves, and nobody stopped Jack from heading to the back of the helicopter. None of us made it to the lounge in time to avoid the accident.

They have two boys, Carol and Christopher, and have been married for more than 40 years. But as of right now, the information on their kids remains private.

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