Burnt Orange For Covid Tiktok trend emerged after people experienced one of COVID-19’s most aggravating side effects, a persistent loss of smell and taste.

"Burnt Orange For Covid" Tiktok: What Does It Mean? Popular Trend On Social Media Explained

Most covid patients were dissatisfied with the significant side effect of loss of taste and smell, so they began to experiment with alternative home remedies, one of which is eating burnt orange.

Another dubious set of videos claims that eating a burnt orange will help with taste loss caused by COVID-19, but this has not been scientifically proven, and many experts believe it could be a coincidence. Those who claim the burnt orange method worked may have lingering smell and taste abilities.



“Burnt Orange For Covid” Tiktok: What Does It Mean?

Burnt Orange For Covid has become a trending video after many people experienced the most frustrating side-effects of COVID-19. And according to one user, if you burn orange and eat it, the smell and taste will return.

To attempt to regain their senses, they place an orange directly on their stove’s heating element until it turns black, then peel it, mash it up, and add brown sugar.

They show footage of them eating other fruits after they finish the mixture, with apparent expressions of delight on both of their faces.

A professional doctor commented on this trend, stating that this trick appears to be simply precise because there is no scientific proof yet.


Who Started “Burnt Orange For Covid” Trend On TikTok? 

It is unknown who started this trend, but it did start in Jamaica, as the hashtag # jamaicanremedy acknowledges.

Many Tiktok celebrities have dabbled in this craze. In one video, user @katie.kotlowski describes how she and her roommate lost their taste sense after being diagnosed with COVID. They appeared ecstatic after eating as their senses of smell and taste returned.

Another video, posted by @toosmxll, shows an orange being completely roasted over a gas flame before being mashed with brown sugar. The narrator explains that if you’ve lost your taste buds, this cure can help.

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