Can Dry Shampoo Cause Cancer? Unilever has recalled Dry Shampoo under Dove and Tresseme brands. This is because it has come to the fore that there is a risk of cancer.

Dry Shampoo Cancer Warning: Do you also use dry shampoo? Yes, it’s quite a new concept regarding personal hygiene. Dry shampoo is effective in cleaning the hair in less time. However, if you also use it frequently, there is bad news for you. Recently, global FMCG giant Unilever has recalled some popular brands of dry shampoos. The reason for this is that they had benzene-related contaminants causing cancer.

Brands Include Dove And Tresseme

Let us inform you that the brands whose dry shampoos have been recalled by Unilever include Dove and Tresemme. Apart from this, the other brands whose dry shampoos have been recalled are Nexus, Suave and Tiggy. According to a notice posted on the US Food and Drug Administration website, they are Rockaholic and Bed Head dry shampoo. According to the report, mainly products manufactured before October 2021 have been recalled. But this move has raised questions about the safety of aerosols in personal hygiene products.

Questions Were Raised Again On Aerosol

Unilever’s move is once again raising questions about the presence of aerosols in personal care products. For example, several aerosol sunscreens have been recalled from the market during the past year and a half. These included dry shampoo and dry conditioner. The company had warned that these products might contain benzene. The company also recalled brands of deodorants and sprays. Again, the company had feared that they might contain benzene.

What Is A Dry Shampoo?

According to the Collins dictionary, dry shampoo is a spray or powder used to wash hair without soaking it. As per the Cleveland Clinic, these starch or alcohol-based sprays remove oil and grease from the hair. Some dry shampoos contain an aerosol spray, while some possess a powder tinted to match the colour of the hair.

These products are also withdrawn: Several other products, such as Neutrogena from Johnson & Johnson, Banana Boat of Edgewell Personal Care Company and Coppertone from Beiersdorf AG, have been recalled in the last 18 months. Can Dry Shampoo Cause Cancer? Now you know the answer!

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