Captain Sam Brown Wikipedia  – Captain Sam Brown retired from the United States Army after five years of service. Explore Brown’s Wikipedia bio and photos before and after injury by reading the article below.

Captain Sam Brown is a retired US Army officer who served in Afghanistan in 2008. He was the victim of a sudden attack that left him with third-degree burns on 30% of his body.

Furthermore, he is now residing in Dallas, Texas, with his lovely wife Amy and three children.


Captain Sam Brown Wikipedia

Captain Sam Brown does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page of his own yet. However, we can find many details about him through various websites and social media platforms.

Sam Brown was raised by his parents who had expectations that their son would embody the values of duty and service to the nation. Sam is the oldest of five siblings. He is from a rural Arkansas town. Furthermore, he was always into believing that the military could provide him the opportunities to serve his country and further his education.

For his first operational assignment, Brown was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, and was assigned to the historic 3rd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division – Big Red One. His deployment as an Infantry platoon leader to Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2008 was culminated by those six years of rigorous education and training.

Captain Sam Brown’s Wife Amy Brown

Captain Sam Brown’s wife is Amy Brown. She is an army captain like her husband. Moreover, she took over as captain of the San Marcos Sherrif’s Station on 19 August 2021.

Amy Brown is a 27-year-old veteran of the San Diego Sheriff’s Department who replaced Captain Jason Vickery. Furthermore, the City of San Marcos contracts with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department to provide law enforcement services.


Amy’s ties to San Marcos date back to 2002, when she was assigned to the San Marcos Patrol. She was the first female patrol training officer in the San Marcos Sherr’fs Station’s history. She was also the station’s first female corporal on patrol.

Before And After Injury Photos – US Army Veteran

Captain Sam Brown Wikipedia – Wife Amy Brown, Before And After Injury Photos
Before Photo
Captain Sam Brown Wikipedia – Wife Amy Brown, Before And After Injury Photos
After Photo

Brown and his soldiers began receiving indirect fire in September 2008, which quickly changed to direct fire coming from various directions. He was working as a route security guard in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

He was hit by an improvised explosive device while on his way to assist the men in the M1151 humvees. Brown was burned in the third degree on 30% of his body. In September 2011, he was medically retired as a Captain from the United States Army.

Brown and his family are currently residing in Dallas, Texas. They own and operate a small business that provides vital services to veterans.

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