Clint Rucker Attorney – Who Is Lance Herndon Killer Dionne Baugh Prosecutor Wife Now? Stay tuned to learn about the award-winning legal professional Clint Rucker and his particulars, age, and marital life. 

Clint Rucker Attorney - Who Is Lance Herndon Killer Dionne Baugh Prosecutor Wife Now? Know His Age, & Net Worth

If you’re unfamiliar with Clint Rucker, you can learn more about him by introducing him as the prosecutor in the 1996 Dionne Baugh murder case.

Despite the fact that he is a well-known lawyer, the case thrust him into the spotlight for the first time.

Clint has a track record of developing and implementing highly effective legal strategies that result in positive outcomes for his clients.

He has worked as a Municipal Judge, Former Prosecutor, Criminal/Civil Defense Attorney, Alpha Phi Alpha, Leadership Atlanta, and Pretend Chef & Golfer in addition to being an attorney.

The legal professional Clint Rucker resides in Atlanta, Georgia, United Nations. 

He has a 98% winning rate with an experience of over 150 cases, many of them being high-profile. 

The expert has received multiple awards, such as Attorney of Year for the Fulton County District Attorney Office and, was chosen the State of Georgia Prosecuting Attorney Council Assistant District Attorney of the Year in 2018.

Here are some facts about the professional that you should be aware of.


Clint Rucker Attorney – About Him

Clint has carved out a reputation for himself as a ferocious competitor willing to fight for whatever comes his way.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Emory University as well as a Juris Doctorate from Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law.


Once an intern for the U.S. Justice Department in Houston, Texas, now is a member of several professional and civic organizations, including Leadership Atlanta, 100 Black Men of America, the Lamar Inn of Court-Emory University, and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.


Clint Rucker Age – How Old Is He?

Unfortunately, the prosecutor has not revealed his age.

But, based on his appearance, he seems in his fifties. He has a long professional history that gives him 30 years of experience as a Prosecutor in Fulton County and the City of Atlanta collectively. 

Clint, on the other hand, has recently retired from his position as Executive Assistant District Attorney in Fulton County.

Clinton prioritizes cases involving civil rights violations and criminal defense as a defense attorney.


Who Is Lance Herndon Killer Dionne Baugh Prosecutor Wife Now?

Clint Rucker is married to his long-time wife, Shaunya Chavis and, the couple celebrates their wedding anniversary every year on July 8. 

Clint loves to flex his wife on social media and real-life events.

One can find tons of pictures of his wife on his Instagram under the username @clintruckeresq.

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