David Fuller violated my daughter - Mother speaks-out in pain
David Fuller rundown: ‘My daughter was violated’ Mother’s pain after a man sexually abused 100 bodiesA MOTHER has spoken of her utter horror after learning that her daughter was among at least 100 victims of sexual assault while lying dead in a morgue.

David Fuller, a 67-year-old from East Sussex, has pleaded guilty to sexually abusing over 99 women during his time as a hospital worker. Nevres Kemal, a social worker and mother to Azra, told Sky News that she will not allow the issue to fall silent.

Neither will she attempt to push her knowledge of the atrocities committed against her daughter – and to many others – to the back of her mind.

Instead, she is committed to her “mission” of ensuring that justice is served.

“Ive tried to protect Azra all her life,” she said.

“And when she really was helpless, lying there still, being raped and abused and couldn’t scream out, couldn’t call me, couldn’t call the police – I will ensure that her voice is heard and justice is served.”

Azra Kemal

Azra Kemal. (Image: Sky News)

David Fuller

David Fuller. (Image: Kent Police)

Azra died at the age of 24.

Fuller, an electrical maintenance manager, first attacked the young woman just hours before Nevres, her mother, came to the mortuary to say farewell.

He attacked again hours after she left.

“I had spent two hours in the mortuary sleeping with her. And that gave me some sort of comfort. Little did I know that my daughter had been violated prior to that day and the evening of that day,” Nevres said in a deeply upsetting account.

“So, whilst I’m stroking my daughter’s hair, sleeping on her hair, a man had… crawled all over her skin… And there’s me kissing and cuddling and saying my last goodbyes.”

Nevres Kemal

Nevres Kemal, mother of Azra. (Image: PA)

Swipe card

The swipe card which Fuller used to access the morgues. (Image: Kent Police)

“And that is quite awful, quite awful, however, it is not Azra’s shame. It is not my shame.

“Like women who are raped around the world they have a voice, Azra has a voice – I am speaking out for my daughter.”

Fuller – who later abused Azra for a third time – has admitted to sexually abusing many dead bodies while working in two Kent hospital morgues over a period of 12 years.

The age of his victims ranged from nine to 100 years-old.

Hard drive
Police officers who searched his home found a homemade box hidden inside a cupboard. (Image: Kent Police)

Fuller recorded his atrocities on a compact digital camera.

Police officers who searched his home found a homemade box hidden inside a cupboard which contained four hard drives containing millions on indecent images and videos.

Maidstone court was told these contained “a library of unimaginable sexual depravity”.

Fuller has also pleaded guilty to murdering two women in 1987.

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Fuller's office

Fuller’s office. (Image: Kent Police)

He also has a history of at least 30 burglaries – none of which he was convicted for – in the 1970s.

The hospital trust in which he worked has launched an investigation into whether more could have been done to stop the horrific events from having ever taken place.

Nevres told the Chief Executive of the trust in a meeting that he should resign.

“If you’re really, truly sorry, surely you will take responsibility and step down.” Source

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