Did Deshaun Watson Face Criminal Charges? More than a dozen female massage therapists have filed a sexual misconduct lawsuit against Deshaun Watson. Except for one civil case, all cases had been resolved by August 2022.

Derrick was born Deshaun Watson, Deshaun Watson is a quaterback for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League. The Clemson University graduate was selected by the Houston Texans in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

The Houston Texans won back-to-back division titles in 2018 and 2019, and the talented quarterback led the league in passing yards in 2020.

He was also named to the Pro Bowl as a primary starter for Houston. The Georgia native has the highest career completion percentage and ranks second in career passer rating all-time.

There are some startling facts about his personal life. Several women have accused him of sexual harassment. Was the Cleveland Browns’ quarterback arrested? What were the criminal charges against Watson? Let’s find out what’s going on.

Deshaun Watson Arrest Update: Over 20 Women Accused Him Of Immoral Misconduct

In early 2021, more than two dozen female massage therapists filed a lawsuit against the quarterback for sexual misconduct. Despite settling over 20 claims, the athlete denied any wrongdoing.

In March 2021, a Houston massage therapist filed a civil lawsuit against the footballer, claiming his offensive behaviour. A total of 24 cases were filed against Deshaun Watson within a few months in Harris County, Texas.

All of the women were represented by the lawyer Tony Buzbee. Per the lawyer, the women’s accusations have mostly echoed one another’s claims of coercive behaviour against the footballer.

He reached settlements with 20 women in June 2021. Eventually, the Georgia-born athlete reached agreements with three more women as of 1 August 2022.

Among all the cases, two of them claimed sexual assault. In both cases, Watson was alleged to have forced the massage therapists to engage in oral sex.

According to the civil lawsuits, Deshaun Watson engaged in a pattern of indecent behaviour with women he hired to perform personal services. He allegedly forced them to touch him sexually, exposed himself to the women or shifted his body in ways that made them have to touch his penis.

The incidents mentioned in the lawsuits were reportedly committed between March 2020 and March 2021.

On the other hand, the NFL professional denied all the accusations. In a tweet, the footballer said he treated every woman with the utmost respect.

Did Deshaun Watson Face Criminal Charges?

Following the complaint against the Clemon University graduate, the Houston Police Department launched an investigation.

In Harris County, a grand Jury decided not to file any charges against Watson in connection with any of the nine criminal accusations in March 2021.

Did Deshaun Watson Face Criminal Charges?
Two Texas grand juries declined to indict Watson. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

A second grand jury in Texas’s Brazoria County also declined to indict the player on allegations of sexual misconduct during a massage therapy session two weeks later.

Suspension For Deshaun Watson

As a result of all the accusations, the NFL announced the suspension of Deshaun Watson on 18 August 2022. He was suspended for 11 games without pay and fined $5 million.

NFL concluded that the quarterback’s fine and an additional $2 million would be given to organizations that fight sexual assault. He also had to undergo a behavioural assessment and finish a treatment program.

On 7 April 2021, Nike and Beats By Dre cancelled their endorsement with Watson. Reliant Energy and H-E-B also disclosed that they have no plans to work with the Cleveland quarterback. Home 

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