Did Philip Keyes Accident Injury Cause His Death? Details Explained

Did Philip Keyes Accident Injury Cause His Death? Cycling Legend, 64, Passes Away From Wounds After Accident Crash. Continue reading for full details 

Did Philip Keyes Accident Injury Cause His Death? Details Explained

On November 16, Philip Keyes, who guided the New England Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA) during a time of remarkable expansion, passed away.

On October 31, four days before his 64th birthday, he was seriously hurt when his motorcycle and another car collided close to his Acton, Massachusetts home.

On Saturday, November 19, at Highland Mountain Bike Park in Northfield, New Hampshire, at NEMBA’s 35th-anniversary celebration, he will be given a lifetime achievement award posthumously. Acton police say that the accident investigation is still ongoing.

What happened to Philip Keyes?

On Tuesday, November 29, the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office revealed that police are looking into a fatal motorcycle and car collision that happened in Acton on October 31.

Acton resident Philip Keyes, 64, passed just a few weeks after the collision. Around midday, Keyes was traveling on his motorcycle down Great Road when, according to the authorities, he collided with an 82-year-old Chelmsford woman who was traveling in a Subaru in the opposite direction.

Keyes was evacuated to Boston Medical Center, where he succumbed to his injuries on November 16. The prosecutor’s office stated that the Subaru driver stayed on the site and assisted the authorities.

Philip Keyes cause of death

Philip Keyes, who led the New England Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA) through a period of unprecedented growth, passed away Wednesday, November 16. He had suffered severe injuries when his motorcycle and another vehicle collided near his home in Acton, Massachusetts, on October 31, four days before his 64th birthday.

He will receive a lifetime achievement award posthumously at NEMBA’s 35th-anniversary celebration at Highland Mountain Bike Park, Northfield, New Hampshire, on Saturday, November 19. The accident investigation is ongoing, according to Acton police.

Who is Philip Keyes?

Philip was a caring father to his two children, a devoted husband to his predeceased wife of 33 years, and an ardent companion to his partner, with whom he found fresh joy over the past four years. A passionate and adventurous man, Philip loved to travel and commune with nature, whether biking, hiking, or simply firing up a grill outdoors.

Philip found his life’s calling at the New England Mountain Bike Association, where he served as Executive Director for 26 years. He helped NEMBA grow into one of the largest trail advocacy and mountain bike groups in the nation. In 2008 he was honored to be inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame and recognized for his tireless land advocacy efforts.

Philip was born in Norfolk, VA on November 4, 1958, and grew up in Concord, MA. A true child of the seventies, as a young man

Philip loved playing Hendrix on his guitar and roaming the town with his pet monkey. He attended the Fenn School and Concord Academy. While attending the University of Chicago as an undergraduate, Philip met his future wife, Nanyee.

They went on to have a son, Natan, while Philip pursued further studies at Stanford University. Their daughter Maxine was born a few years later in Bolivia, where Philip was researching and living with the local Quechua people.

The family eventually settled in Acton, Massachusetts, where Philip started working for NEMBA and writing for Dirt Rag Magazine. After the unexpected passing of his wife, Philip met his partner Gloria Tu, with whom he shared a love for nature, travel, and entertainment.

Philip is survived by his two children, his partner Gloria, his father Jonathan Keyes, and his two siblings, Jared Keyes and Hawk Jenkins. A private burial will be held at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and a memorial celebration is being planned for the spring. In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to the New England Mountain Bike Association.

Tributes to Philip Keyes

Susan Margot Ecker’s said,

I am deeply saddened to hear this tragic news. I want to remind everyone to be more at the moment and don’t put off adventures big or small for the future. Matt + I have been talking with Philip + Gloria Tu about doing a tandem ride or motorbike ride together this summer/fall. Work, house projects + conflicting schedules kept getting in the way. I’d rather have more beautiful + fun memories of our times together any day. My heartfelt condolences go out to Gloria, his children, family + his enormous network of friends. Philip was such a warm + generous soul and touched so many, what a loss for all of us. More Post Home 

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