Did Rob Lowe Have A Stroke As A Result Leaving 911 Lonestar? 911 In a recent episode, Lonestar actor Rob Lowe was seen on a stretcher, sparking speculation that he will leave the show soon. As of now, there has been no word of him leaving the show or his character dying.

Did Rob Lowe Have A Stroke As A Result Leaving 911 Lonestar? Details

The actor Rob Lowe has established himself as a Hollywood star with the wide range of roles he has played in various tv-series and movies like The Outsiders, St. Elmo’s Fire, Brothers & Sisters, Code Black, and many more.

He is currently active in the drama 911 Lonestar and is seen playing the character Captain Owen Strand in it. The third season of the series started in January 2022 and, he was seen recently along with his co-star in a show.



Why Is Rob Lowe Leaving 911 Lonestar?

Rob Lowe is not leaving 911 Lonestar, but rumors of him leaving the show have been surfacing on the net. He is seen in the series as the character Captain Owen Strand.

In season 3, Rob’s character Owen has to suffer a lot as he was left jobless in the middle of an ice storm at the beginning of the season. Similarly, he had to take care of the ill health of his son, T.K. Strand is in a coma due to the ice storm.



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The leaving rumors got flared when the recent trailer of the episode showed Owen on a stretcher being carried out of the rubble, and he was saying that the end is going to happen no matter what we do.

This scene led to doubt and fear that he might die and leave the show or he is going to survive it. Similarly, he is also starring in a new Netflix series called Unstable along with his son John Owen. So, people thought he might leave the show, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Did Rob Lowe Have A Stroke?

Rob Lowe has been on screen for most of his career, and people notice even subtle changes seen on the actors and actresses. So, some people saw that his face mainly his mouth was different, and they believed he might have had a stroke.

The talks regarding Rob getting a stroke were also seen being discussed on Reddit. Some users noticed that his mouth was working only aside and though the might have been injured. 

But the actor has not addressed anything regarding stroke or any health issues to the public or on his social media accounts.

Where Is Rob Lowe Now?

Rob Lowe is now on the tv series 911 Lonestar. Similarly, he will soon be seen in the series Unstable and in the movie The Bad seed returns and Dog Gone as they are under post-production.



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Rob is also active on his podcast Literally, and he was having fun conversations with Joel McHale in his recent podcast. He is married to his wife Sheryl Berkoff in 1991.

The couple has two sons, Matthew Edward Lowe and John Owen Lowe. He is active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

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