Did Steven Hawking Cheat On His Wife With Nurse Diana King?

Did Steven Hawking cheat on his wife, Elaine Mason, with Diana King, a nurse? Let us investigate.

The general public has been captivated by Stephen Hawking’s exceptional talent as a cosmologist or theoretical scientist, as well as his decades-long battle with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).

Despite the fact that the late scientist was confined to a wheelchair and could not speak for nearly all of his life, his love life was complicated.

Did Steven Hawking Cheat On His Wife With Nurse Diana King?

Leonard Mlodinow, a theoretical scientist and a close friend of the scientist, shed light on the late scientist’s love life and marriage in his book reported by DailyMail (based on a copy of the book they obtained before it was published).

The book Stephen Hawking: A Memoir of Friendship and Physics was published on 8 September 2020.

Steven Hawking and Elaine Mason were married from 1995 to 2006. From start to end, the former couple’s story is stormy.

The reason for their divorce was not disclosed. However, people speculated the alleged abuse and infidelity by the physicist were the reasons behind their separation.

In his book, Leonard wrote the pair divorced after Hawking fell in love with another nurse, Diana King. Diana was 39 years younger than the scientist and suffered from manic depression.

The scientist’s friend later questioned whether he was drawn to troubled women. Stephen and Diana King got engaged but didn’t marry.

Steven Hawking And Elaine Mason Relationship Timeline

In the 1980s, the late physicist had a tracheotomy. Elaine Mason and a few other nurses joined the treatment or care team of the cosmologist to give him round-the-clock support.

Previously, Elaine worked as a nurse in an orphanage in Bangladesh. When she joined the caretaking team, she was a mother of two children whom she shared with David Mason.

Did Steven Hawking Cheat On His Wife With Nurse Diana King?
Stephen Hawking with his second ex-wife, Elaine Mason. (Image Source: The Sun)

David Mason worked on the speech synthesizer for the physicist as he lost his ability to speak after the tracheostomy.

Leonard Mlodinow described Elaine as a fiery redhead who liked to skateboard and knew how to flirt. The nurse’s attentiveness and protectiveness toward the late scientist shocked and concerned other caregivers.

Elaine and Stephen fell in love with one another and married in September 1995 after dating for five years. During their marital life, there were several accusations against the nurse for abusing the scientist.

However, Police never found any evidence. In addition, the late cosmologist, his assistant, and Elaine denied the accusations.

The case was concluded in 2004, and Elaine didn’t face any charges. The pair quietly divorced in October 2006.

Stephen Hawking And Jane Wilde’s Marital Life

You must know that the scientist’s first marriage was to Jane Wilde. Although the scientist’s physical condition brought enormous challenges with the intimacy, they overcame it and had three children together.

Stephen and Jane met at a Party in 1962. The cosmologist was diagnosed with motor neuron disease in the following years. Despite being aware of the potential challenges, the pair married on 14 July 1965.

Eventually, the physicist’s condition worsened, and he needed care like an infant. Over time, Stephen Hawking’s spouse became more like a caretaker. She fed him, dressed him and assisted him with many hospital visits, and was there with him through near-death experiences, wrote Leonard.

Mlodinow disclosed Jane lost her own identity in the process and wondered who she was. Hawking fell in love with his nurse, Elaine Mason, following a tracheotomy.

At that time, Jane was having an affair with Jonathan Hellyer Jones, a choirmaster at her local church in Cambridge. Subsequently, Hawking and Wilde ended their marriage officially in 1995.

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