7 Warning Symptoms of Sudden Cardiac Arrest In kids – Today, in this article we look at the risk factors associated with cardiac arrest in children and also symptoms that a kid may show up.

Sudden cardiac arrest is termed as that condition of your body where the heart stops beating unexpectedly. In the last couple of months, cases associated with this condition have seen a sudden spike. However, It’s not something that you might expect to happen in children. But, in reality, it can! Yes, you heard that right. According to the data, sudden cardiac arrest approximately 2,000 children of all ages each year in the United States. Sudden cardiac arrest is responsible for up to five per cent of all deaths in children ranging from five to 19 years old.

Today, in this article we look at the risk factors associated with cardiac arrest in children and also symptoms that a kid may show up.

Symptoms of Sudden Cardiac Arrest In Children

Health conditions come with a set of signs and symptoms. When it comes to cardiac arrest in children, here are some telltale signs that your child is having a heart problem and might need immediate intervention. According to the reports, about 30 to 50 per cent of children experience the warning signs before they suffer a cardiac arrest. And Often, people don’t understand them, so they ignore them. Here we have accumulated a list of such symptoms for you to understand the condition prior.

  1. Discomfort in the chest
  2. Chronic chest pain while doing regular activities
  3. Extreme dizziness or fainting while doing regular activities
  4. Heart palpitations or racing heart rate.
  5. Trouble breathing or shortness of breath.
  6. Sweating profusely
  7. Numbness in arms or shoulder

How To Keep Your Kids Safe From Cardiac Arrest?

You need to take care of your heart in order to keep chronic health problems at bay. Here is a list of foods and lifestyle habits that can help you keep your heart healthy, happy and strong.

Include these 7 foods for a healthy heart:

  1. Leafy green vegetables
  2. Whole grain
  3. Avocados
  4. Fatty fish and fish oil
  5. Handful of walnuts
  6. Beans
  7. Dark chocolate

7 Lifestyle habits to prevent heart problems:

  1. Keep our diet healthy
  2. Exercise regularly
  3. Stay at a healthy weight
  4. Quit smoking
  5. Keep your cholesterol and blood pressure under control
  6. Drink alcohol only in moderation
  7. Manage stress.

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