Eddie Betts Injury: What Happened To Him? Keep reading to find out everything that happened to him and learn about his family.

Eddie Betts Injury: What Happened To Him? Find Out His Wife & Whereabouts Today

Eddie Betts, a former Australian rules football player, was born in Port Lincoln, Australia, on November 26, 1986. He is 35 years old.

The former footballer played in the AFL for the Carlton and Adelaide Football Clubs after being selected by Carlton with the third overall pick in the 2004 Pre-Season Draft. Following his retirement from playing, Betts has been employed by the Geelong Football Club as a development coach.


What Happened To Eddie Betts?

Eddie Betts has endured a lot of hardships throughout his playing career. In 2017, a Port Adelaide club member verbally and physically assaulted the former Australian rules football player, and he has had a bittersweet relationship with the organization.

The Australian musician Paul Kelly was so moved by the athlete and his struggle with racism that he wrote a song he called Every Step of the Way.

Additionally, he experienced trauma during the Crows’ tragic preseason camp in 2018, which stole his love for the game he once cherished. Betts must have found it difficult to move on after experiencing the mental anguish he went through during the training camp.

Eddie Betts Injury And Camp Trauma Facts

Betts revealed through his autobiography how he suffered mentally and physically during the infamous 2018 pre-season camp.

The athlete revealed how he got put into a psychologically and culturally unsafe situation and how he will never be able to live and get over the shame for the rest of his life.

The camp emphasized the players’ masculinity, and the players got split into three groups; his group got loaded into the bus blindfolded to reach an undisclosed location, and when they arrived, they weren’t allowed to shower and sweat all day to smell manly.

Eddie also got verbally abused by an instructor who insulted his mother; he got shattered to hear them as it was confidential information he shared before the camp in a private counseling session. The disrespect and humiliation he suffered during that time also affected his relationship with his family. Following his traumatic experience, he retired from his playing career in 2021.

Who Is Eddie Betts’s Wife Anna Scullie?

Anna is Eddie’s long-term girlfriend turned wife, who never left his side when he was at his worst and always supported and loved him with all her heart.

The lovely couple walked down the aisle and took the wedding vows in a surprise wedding in 2015. Betts and Scullie have been happily married for more than five years, and they make a toast to mark their anniversary in August every year.

Furthermore, the pair have gotten blessed with five adorable kids, three boys, and twin daughters who are non-identical. The couple has posted numerous stunning pictures of their little ones on social networking sites. The athlete and his better half go by the handles @eddiebthe3rd and @annascullie on Instagram.

Eddie Betts Whereabouts Now: Where Is He Today?

Betts, a former player who is now a coach, revealed that the AFL was not a safe place for Indigenous people, of which he was one, when he announced his retirement from the game.

The football player works as a development coach for Cats, the Australian Football League team representing Geelong. He also scored 640 goals while playing 350 games before his career came to an end.

Moreover, Eddie left his legacy behind by converting a series of complex shots in 2014. Likewise, he also won the Goal of the Year in 2006, 2015, 2016, and 2019.

The coach is living a happily ever after with his beloved family members and is passing the new generation his skills and talents and treating all the athletes with respect. He has also created a series of educational books for children.

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