About “Elena Fanchini Family” – Elena Fanchini was an Italian alpine ski racer known for her expertise in downhill and super-G speed events. Born on April 30th, 1985, in Lovere, Bergamo, Italy, she grew up surrounded by her supportive family, including her younger sisters, Nadia and Sabrina, who have also accomplished ski racers. Sadly, Elena passed away in February 2023 at the young age of 37, but her legacy and love for her family continue to live on.

The Life and Career of Elena Fanchini

Elena Fanchini was a talented ski racer who made a name for herself on the slopes. Despite being diagnosed with cancer in 2018, she was determined to return to the sport she loved and was preparing to compete in the 2019 season. Unfortunately, during a training session, she sustained a serious injury to her finger and knee, forcing her to return to Italy without participating in the competition. Despite these setbacks, Elena remained a dedicated and passionate athlete until her untimely death.

Elena Fanchini’s Family and Children

Elena was married to her husband, Denis Ottelli Zoletti, and the couple had four children together. Despite the names of their children not being publicly disclosed, it’s clear that Elena loved her kids deeply. She often featured them in her social media posts and was known for spending quality time with her family.

Elena was the eldest of three sisters and her younger siblings, Sabrina and Nadia, were also ski racers. Sabrina has since retired from professional ski racing, while Nadia represented Italy at the 2006 Winter Olympics and received multiple medals at World Championships. The three sisters were close and often seen together, and their strong bond was evident through their social media presence and official website.

The Parents of Elena Fanchini: Sandro Fanchini and Giusy Alessi

Elena’s parents are Sandro Fanchini and Giusy Alessi. While information about them is limited, it’s clear that they raised a family of talented and accomplished ski racers, with Elena being the eldest of their three daughters.

Honoring the Life and Legacy of Elena Fanchini

Elena Fanchini will always be remembered as a talented alpine ski racer who was loved by her family and friends. Her passion and dedication to the sport inspired others and left a lasting impact on the skiing community. She may be gone, but her spirit lives on through the memories she created with her family, husband, and children. Home 

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