Emmerdale Star: Is Daisy Campbell Pregnant For Her Boyfriend In Real Life? Find out every detail about her pregnancy news below!

Emmerdale Star: Is Daisy Campbell Pregnant For Her Boyfriend In Real Life? Dating Or Single Explored

Daisy Campbell, who had portrayed Amelia Spencer in Emmerdale, was startled to learn recently that she was pregnant in the program.

She seems to be going to have to make some tough choices in the future of the show. After learning unexpectedly that Amelia Spencer is pregnant, Emmerdale viewers are now curious and puzzled about how the teen’s story will develop.

Daisy Campbell has been discussing the plot with Metro.co.uk as Amelia grapples with the news and decides what to do next.


Emmerdale Star: Is Daisy Campbell Pregnant For Her Boyfriend In Real Life?

After the most recent episode of the ITV series Emmerdale aired on the platform, fans of the show are discussing on the internet whether or not the new storyline, which depicts the aftermath of Amelia Spencer’s pregnancy, is something more.

They are speculating that the teen actor Daisy Campbell, who inherits the role of Amelia, is pregnant in real life. They are developing a narrative that assembles with her real-life pregnancy to make it go seamlessly without noticing on the show.

However, this theory does not have much weight to consider it a true story. The actress herself and show producers have not given any statement regarding the rumor.

And the fact that Daisy is the one who pitches the idea of her being pregnant in the show adds little crispiness to the fans’ hypothesis. But in her recent interview, she explained, “Teen mums do an amazing job, and I want to do this justice for them all.”

In light of the most recent television plot development, the 18-year-old actress expressed the need to give teen mothers a voice by portraying one of them in the show. She also added this storyline is way more dark and crucial.

Daisy is eager to begin this new chapter in Amelia’s life, even if the events may jolt the viewers.

Amelia Spencer Real Age Details


In the television show Emmerdale, Amelia Spencer is a teen who is 15 years old, whereas Daisy Campbell portrays the role as a 19-year-old in real life.

In Methley, England (the United Kingdom), on July 28, 2003, Daisy Arwen Campbell was born. She recently turned 19 on July 28, which was just yesterday. On Instagram, she hasn’t shared any birthday-related photos or posts, but she did tweet about it. And as usual, her fans showered her post with kind, happy birthday wishes.

When the British actress made her Emmerdale debut as Ali Spencer’s baby daughter, she was only seven years old. She is also the younger sister of the character played by Luke Roskell in the show.

Besides, the shock that the 15-year-dizziness old’s and impaired vision were unrelated to the syrup she had been taking to modify her weight was evident in Thursday’s episode of Emmerdale, which left viewers in a state of shock.

Many people are now curious about the baby’s biological father after a visit to the hospital revealed the true cause of her health difficulties.

Partner: Is Daisy Campbell Dating Or Single?


Daisy Campbell is not dating anyone at the moment and is probably single for the time being. According to Dating Celebs, she does not have a boyfriend now, and the 19-year-old is living a single life.

Also, speaking of her previous relationship, the page revealed that Daisy had had one love affair in the past, but it did not end well. However, there is no information about who or when.

Daisy is nearing the end of her adolescence and may not be ready to let a guy into her life. At this point in her career, she should be more direct and goal-oriented.

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