Felicia Miller: Meet Ariel Young Mother, Parents, & Family

Ariel Young, the daughter of Felicia Miller, suffered critical injuries in an accident on February 4, 2021. She spent several weeks in the hospital after suffering a serious brain injury.

Felicia Miller: Meet Ariel Young Mother, Parents, & Family

Britt Reid, a former Kansas City Chiefs assistant coach, was given a three-year prison term for drunk driving-related charges that seriously injured Ariel Young in 2021.

Reid was among the six victims who sustained injuries. Two hours after the accident, Reid’s blood alcohol content was 0.113%, according to the police. The permitted level is 0.08%.

Ariel’s mother, Felicia Miller, delivered a victim impact statement before the sentence was given. Reid turned to face Ariel and her family as he apologized before delivering the sentence. He stated that his family prays for Ariel every night, and he has a daughter the same age as Ariel.

Quick Facts On Ariel Young

NameAriel Young
MotherFelicia Miller
FatherMr. Early
SiblingsMichael Early Jr, Alanna

Felicia Miller: Who Is Ariel Young Mother?

Felicia Miller is the mother of three kids, Michael Early Jr, Ariel Young, and Alanna.

Her middle child, Ariel Young, suffered from a brain injury in the 2021 car crash. Ariel was taken to the hospital and was in a coma for about two weeks.

At the time of the car crash, Felicia’s oldest son was ten years old, Ariel was five, and her youngest was seven months old. She is a single mother of two daughters and one son. Her youngest daughter, Alanna, is two years old and was born on June 25, 2020. She weighed 6lb and 12 oz at birth,

Her son, Michael Early Jr, is a football player for the Cardinals in middle school.

Felicia stated that Ariel, now seven years old, is back in school. She doesn’t remember the crash and has to learn several things. Miller testified that her daughter is strong, although Ariel’s recovery has been challenging.

The prosecutor also read Felicia Miller’s statement of victim impact to the court. She described how that night had changed Ariel’s life in detail. Due to her slower processing speed, she now wears glasses, may require leg braces, and is enrolled in special education classes.

Miller said that Reid should receive the maximum punishment for what happened to Ariel. She explains the family’s suffering and makes it clear that Reid’s apology is not accepted.

While the Reid family has built a career from sports, Ariel’s mother points out that Britt Reid took away her ability to participate, and therefore she will never be able to do so.

The mother thanked Mothers Against Drunk Driving for their support and said she felt the prayers of people worldwide as she concluded her message.

Britt Reid Victim Ariel Young Parents

Britt Reid victim Ariel Young was born to parents, Felicia Miller and Mr. Early. Her father was African-American.

Ariel’s father is not in the picture anymore, and she is raised by her single mother, Felicia. Felicia is a mother of three kids, Michael Young Jr (age 12), Ariel Young (age 7), and Alanna (age 2).

Ariel Young, a 7-year-old girl, was seriously injured in the accident two years ago, leading to Britt Reid’s guilty plea for felony drunk driving. Ariel was one of two kids in the backseat of a broken-down silver Chevrolet Traverse who were injured in the collision; the other kid, a 4-year-old, had non-life-threatening wounds.

The Chiefs placed Britt Reid on administrative leave, and the team later declared that his contract had expired and that he was no longer a member. Tom Porto, an attorney for Young’s family, claimed they were against the agreement.

According to the prosecution, Young’s medical records show that the collision caused a significant traumatic brain injury, a fracture of the left parietal bone, brain contusions, and subdural hematomas.

Britt is an outside linebackers coach for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League (NFL). His coaching career started in 2009 while he volunteered for his father Andy Reid’s Philadelphia Eagles practice team.

Gofundme Page Created For The Family Of Ariel Young

A GoFundMe page was created for Ariel Young to support her family. Tiffany Verhulst, Ariel’s cousin, created the page.

Ariel is awake and recovering slowly, Tiffany Verhulst said on the fundraiser page. Donations for Ariel’s continuing medical costs have reached about $580,340. Verhulst thanked the supporters for their help.

Ariel Young Update 2022

According to the update given by Ariel’s Young mother, Ariel Young is now seven years old and back in school.

Ariel’s mother, Felicia Miller, claimed that although Ariel doesn’t remember the accident, she has had to relearn many of her favorite things, like dancing.

Miller stated in the ABC interview that she was thrilled when Young woke from the two-week coma she had been into after the accident, but she claimed that her daughter had no idea who she was.

Britt Reid was given a three-year prison sentence in a DWI case, leading to a young girl suffering serious injuries. Reid pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated and colliding with two vehicles in February 2021, close to Arrowhead Stadium.

Miller said that Reid should receive the maximum punishment possible for what happened to Ariel and does not deserve any type of court document. Due to a legal deal with the Chiefs, who have arranged a payment schedule for her medical care, there are currently few details available about Ariel’s condition.

Ariel was present at the courthouse wearing a “Ariel Strong” t-shirt. Miller testified in court that Ariel now lags her right foot when walking, wears thick glasses, and processes information more slowly than her classmates as a result of the accident.

In the impact statement, Miller stated, “She will deal with the results of (Reid’s) acts every day for the rest of her life.” “We’ll take care of her.”

Some FAQs

Who is Felicia Miller?

Felicia Miller is the mother of three kids, Michael Early Jr, Ariel Young, and Alanna.

Who are Ariel Young parents?

Ariel Young parents are Felicia Miller and Mr. Early. Her father is African-American.

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