Laura Melnyk Is Eugene Melnyk First Wife

Laura Melnyk is the first wife of former Ottawa Senators player Eugene Melnyk. They tied the knot on October 8, 1994.

Laura works as a financial advisor for the Ottawa Senators, but she is best known as Melnyk’s wife and the mother of his two daughters, Anna and Olivia.

She was a devoted wife to the late businessman, but after sixteen years of marriage, they divorced in 2010. On October 8, 2003, they celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary. Eugene Melnyk had recently purchased the Ottawa Senators, a Canadian ice hockey team, during that year.

As of now, Laura has remained anonymous and makes a very minimal public appearance. She still sees her daughters as fulfilling her responsibilities as capable parents. However, she likes to stay away from the limelight and enjoy her personal space without the interference of any individual outside of her close relationships.

Laura Melnyk’s Quick Facts

ProfessionFinancial Advisor Of Ottawa Senators
Marital StatusDivorced
Former HusbandEugene Melnyk
DaughtersAnna and Olivia Melnyk
BirthplaceUnited States Of America

Laura Melnyk: Who Is Eugene Melnyk First Wife?

Laura Melnyk was Eugene Melnyk’s first wife. Laura is the current financial advisor for the Ottawa Senators, an NHL ice hockey team.

Eugene Melnyk and Laura Melnyk were married in October 1994. Eugene Melnyk and his wife celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary by attending an Eagles game.

They divorced in 2010 after sixteen years of marriage. They had two daughters, Anna and Olivia Melnyk, during their marriage.

Anna was born on February 10, 1999, and Olivia was born in 2000. They are 23 and 20 years old.

Laura Melnyk Is Eugene Melnyk First Wife: Here Are Facts To Know About Her
Laura Melnyk Is The Current Financial Advisor Of Ottawa Senators Which Is Currently Operated By Her Daughters, Anna and Olivia ( Source : twitter )

She has been the club’s financial advisor for quite some time. She has helped her daughters, Anna and Olivia, by providing them with valuable business advice. However, the news of Senators being for sale recently made headlines; it was obvious for many people because the company’s future was frequently questioned following the death of Eugene Melnyk.

There has been no public discussion of the Senators being sold since the death of owner Eugene Melnyk. The franchise is part of the substantial estate he left to his daughters, Anna and Olivia. Even after his untimely death in Mach, it has continued to run normally.

However, the reports claim that the family has hired New York-based investment bank Galatioto Sports Partners to sell the company. Before deciding what to do next, the Melnyk sisters have been conducting their due diligence and consulting with their mother, Laura, the club’s financial experts, and the independent council.

Laura has been the internal part of the franchise since its first day of acquisition in 2003. She has acted as a dependable member of the business and assisted in its expansion to new heights.

Laura Melnyk Is The Mother Of Daughters Anna and Olivia Melnyk

Laura Melnyk is the caring mother of two daughters, Anna and Olivia Melnyk. Laura gave birth to Anna in 1999, after five years of marriage.

Anna Melnyk, age 23, and Olivia Melnyk, age 20, are the new owners of Ottawa Senators after their father passed away in March this year.

Anna is the oldest of two, is currently 23, and has received a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a Computing Specialization from UCLA. She can run a business successfully and has been doing so since her father’s passing on March 28, 2022.

However, they have decided to sell the business for a reason they haven’t disclosed yet, and the expected buyers of the company will be finalized soon as every other necessary activity has already been done.

Likewise, Olivia is 20 as of 2022 and is currently in her third year at Queen’s University. She is majoring in Political Studies. She celebrates her birthday every year on September 3.

She also plays a vital role in the operation of the Ottawa Senators, but it seems all the financial decisions govern by their mother, Laura, and other members of the club’s board.

Was Eugene Melnyk Married?

Eugene Melnyk had married once in the past, to wife Laura Melnyk.

Eugene married Laura Melnyk on October 8, 1994, and was blessed with two lovely girls from his first marriage, Anna and Olivia Melnyk.

The former couple shared their marital life for almost 16 years, and during that period, their life was filled with joy and prosperity. However, they signed the divorce papers in 2010 following a personal complication they wished not to share in front of the public.

At the time of his demise, he was a divorced man who had a relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Sharilyne Anderson.

Despite the sore past, they maintained a healthy relationship for the sake o their daughters, who were just 11 and 8 during the split. She served as a faithful employee for the Ottawa Senators, an NHL team that Eugene owned, and is still with the company after his demise on March 28, 2022.

Apart from Laura, Eugene was romantically involved with another lady he had never married. Sharilyne Anderson was his long-time partner whom he dated for several years, and unfortunately, the bond between the two was broken after Eugene left this world. She shared a wonderful life with her boyfriend and was always there by his side during his happy moments and hard times.

They haven’t explicitly mentioned the date of their first meeting, but the couples are expected to start dating after Eugene and Laura finalized their divorce in 2010.

Some FAQs

Who is Eugene Melnyk first wife?

Eugene Melnyk married his first wife, Laura Melnyk, on October 8, 1994. They were together for 16 years until being separated in 2010.

Who is the mother of Anna and Olivia Melnyk?

Laura Melnyk is the mother of Anna and Olivia Melnyk. They are 23 and 20 years old respectively as of 2022.

Was Eugene Melnyk Married?

Eugene Melnyk was married once with his first wife, Laura Melnyk. After that he was in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Sharilyne Anderson. Home Page

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