Female Orgasm: Benefits And Tricks

Female Orgasm: Benefits And Tricks


Orgasm is the crowning of a successful and highly pleasurable session of sex. It puts a smile on the lips of satisfied women and makes men walk with a swagger. It’s the biggest little thing in the world and the crucial detail and the end of a delightful exertion. Life without orgasms is simply not possible and enjoyable.

But orgasm is not limited in scope to making one (or two) people feel good for five or ten minutes before falling asleep. Science has shown that frequent sex and orgasm are very important to the general well-being and health of every person. The more frequent the orgasm, the better off that person is going to be on both the physical and psychological planes.

Everyday life is bound to result in some nervous tensions from job or relationship troubles that in turn distort mental balance. Sex and orgasm are a chance for these tensions to join the psychological and physical build-up and release. Thus, the mind uses orgasm to flush the tensions out of the system and replace them with enjoyment in the delightful relaxation.

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Effect of orgasm on a woman’s health.

The chemical changes that take place within women’s bodies, when touched in the correct spot, can make them achieve an orgasm. Orgasm can have a variety of health benefits that affect a female’s physical and emotional state.

During orgasm, the brain releases the feel-good hormone serotonin and prolactin, which has an overall calming effect on the body. While your climax might be over in a few seconds, the health benefits keep on.

Furthermore, orgasm can be beneficial to women in many other ways such as skin glow, pain relieves, lower anxiety, improve sleep, boost the immune system, excitement,  increase circulation, youthful appearance, improve menstrual cycles and span of life.

Effective tricks to make a woman reach orgasm

The female orgasm remains to be subject to intense scrutiny and widespread scientific interest. Experts endlessly puzzle about the countless ways that females can orgasm, and the potential barriers that might prevent them from reaching orgasm. However, the study reported that women who use vibrators reach orgasm within 3minutes almost every time they use it. Whereas with a partner it can take a longer time. Especially when there is no clitoral stimulation or oral sex in the process. Aside from the orgasm simulators mentioned earlier below are complete and effective steps that can make a woman reach orgasm multiple times.

1. Clitoral stimulation

The clitoris is highly susceptible for sexual stimulation to be affected. When stimulated, it is accountable for emotions of sexual pleasure, and clitoral stimulation for many women is how they can experience an orgasm. A woman’s clit can be stimulated in 3 different ways namely; shaft stroking, Mons meeting and taking the back way.

Shaft stroking when you use your index and middle finger to rub circles or move back and forth. You can also use your tongue to achieve this. A woman’s clitoris shaft is like a tiny cord found under the skin which can easily be felt.

Meeting her Mons implicates to stimulate the inner components of her clitoris. You can achieve this when you click through the Mons. The Mons is the triangle-shaped area where her pubic hair grows.

Back entry entails deep pressure on the front wall of her vagina which can stimulate the ultra-sensitive inner roots of her clitoris, which lie on the other side of her vaginal wall. However, Have you ever figured out why hitting a woman’s G spot feels good, perhaps this is the reason.

2. Talking during Sexual intercourse

Initiating a soul connecting conversation during intercourse can be the most effective method to make a woman reach orgasm. The outcome of this method may heavily reward you and your partner handsomely only if you understand the kind of sex pace that drives her. For some rough sex appeals their sexual drive while others may prefer it slow and steady. Whichever the case maybe, make sure you speak in an emotional tone that will make her want more. For example, if your woman likes it slow, say more love words, compliment about how attractive you find her, possibly moan her name alongside rubbing her hair while thrusting. Giving her confirmation of your feelings during intercourse may create more room for more wetness – thus leading to orgasm.

3. Oral sex

Oral sex, also referred to as oral intercourse, is sexual activity in which the genitals or anal area of one partner are stimulated by the mouth or tongue of the other to provide sexual pleasure. The two types of oral sex you can perform to give a woman orgasm are cunnilingus or analingus.

Cunnilingus is the oral stimulation of a woman’s vagina and/or vulva, especially her clitoris. Using this, you just have to keep it consistent, pay attention to her body reception and adjust quickly if it’s not giving the expected outcome.

Further, proceed with analingus which involves stimulating your partner’s anus with tongue or lips. Both types can be practiced simultaneously to make her orgasm.

4. Kissing of sensitive spots

Once things get more heated, you might be tempted to focus less on kissing in favor of more X-rated pleasures. But deep kissing is a must for female orgasm, according to a recent survey of more than 50,000 adults. The findings revealed that women were much more likely to reach orgasm if their sexual encounter included a combination of deep kissing on the lips, neck, breast, ear, etc..


Orgasm is not simply a matter of enjoyment. It is also a significant element of women’s health as it triggers hormone release that helps the body relax, reduces stress, helps battle depression, and provides possibilities for complete physical and mental development. Therefore orgasm becomes a focus during sexual intercourse which can easily be achieved by clitoral stimulation, oral sex, communicating with a partner during sex and kissing sensitive spots.


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