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Free Play Or Real Money At Sweepstakes Casinos
Free play or real money at sweepstakes casinos


Sweepstakes often come to mind when you think of free online casino sites. This popular social casino model allows players to enjoy their favourite online casino games for free. They are prevalent in the US and Canada and allow players to enjoy games for fun. But are these games always free to play? While these games are easy to play, the sweepstakes model can be a bit complicated. This article aims to clear up its intricacies.


How sweepstakes casinos work

The idea behind this casino gaming format is that you don’t need to place real money bets to play, and you don’t win real money either. Like demo versions offered at the top online casinos, these are essentially recreational games for fun. However, there are real money elements with sweepstakes casinos.

Firstly, players get to wager with virtual credits provided by the operator. These credits are often called Gold Coins and need to be purchased with real cash when they run out. Secondly, sweepstakes casinos award players with Sweeps Coins for every Gold Coin purchase. Sweeps Coins are also used to play games, but winnings from this virtual currency can be redeemed for real money prizes. So, even though you don’t directly win cash, with Sweeps Coins, you can still earn rewards that have a real money value.


Five things you should understand about sweepstakes casinos

You can start off with a sign-up bonus

Most sweepstakes casinos will allow you to begin playing without spending a dime. Before you make your first Gold Coins purchase, these sites will award you a sign-up bonus. Immediately after registration, you can start playing games with your bonus Gold Coins. You’ll often get a few Sweeps Coins too.

You’ll truly be able to enjoy games for free and for fun with the Gold Coins. With the Sweeps, on the other hand, you can play cash games, win extra Sweeps Coins, and begin building up your valuable bankroll.


You can’t buy Sweeps Coins

Sweeps Coins cannot be purchased at these casinos. This is because Sweeps Coins have a real money value and buying them directly would go against the social casino model. They are only available as a reward when you buy Gold Coin packages. You can also earn them when you win games played with Sweeps Coins.

You’ll also find that the number of Sweeps Coins offered is always small compared to the Gold Coins you receive. For instance, if you were to purchase 3,000 Gold Coins, the casino may provide 30 Sweeps Coins as a reward. You may also win Sweeps Coins by participating in game contests or Q&As on social media.


You need to play games before redeeming Sweeps

The Sweeps Coins rewards you receive for purchasing Gold Coins can’t be redeemed right away. You have to use them to play games at least once. Any winnings from your gameplay will then constitute part of your redeemable currency.


You need to collect a specific number of Sweeps Coins before requesting a payout

Sweeps Coins are redeemable in batches, so you need to have acquired a certain number of them before requesting a payout. The standard on many sites is 100 Sweeps. If you accumulate this much or a multiple of it, you can request the equivalent in real cash prizes.


Receive your redeemed prizes via a payment method or email

The best sweepstakes sites will have a list of reliable payment methods for receiving your real money prizes. The casino, by default, will forward payouts to the same method used in making purchases, but you can also request a different option. Solutions range from credit and debit cards to Skrill, Neteller and direct bank transfer methods.

You can also choose to redeem your coins as gift cards. In this case, the casino will forward the coupons via email. Some casinos will also send Sweeps Coins via email after your Gold Coins purchase.


Top sweepstakes games

Free play or real money at sweepstakes casinos


Sweepstakes games are super exciting and usually feature a variety of popular and exclusive options depending on where you play. Here are the top games at sweepstakes sites:


Slots – Most games at the casino are online slots, and you’ll also find that these are the most popular category at sweepstakes casinos. You can play video slots and progressive jackpots – the latter awards millions of Gold Coins.


Blackjack – This popular card game is a staple at sweepstakes sites too. You can play the classic variant or enjoy unique options with side bets. Premium Blackjack and Blackjack, Surrender are common variations of the game.


Roulette – Many players are accustomed to the roulette wheel because it’s one of the simplest classic casino games. They are just as popular at sweepstakes casinos too. You’ll usually find several versions of the game available to play, including American Roulette, European Roulette, and French Roulette, among others.


Poker – This card game has a massive player base worldwide and is the subject of several popular tournaments such as the WOSP (World Series of Poker). Poker sites are often standalone online platforms. Global Poker, a leading sweepstakes site with a variety of one-off and tournament games, is a perfect example.


Other games – Social casinos feature plenty of other exciting options. You’ll find specialty games such as keno, bingo and scratchcards. Video poker is another player favourite, and arcade-style fish games are also becoming increasingly popular.


Best casinos to play sweepstakes for free

Several sweepstakes’ casinos exist that accept players from Canada. You can sign up and access the games and bonuses provided at these sites as long as you don’t reside in the province of Quebec.

The best sites are licensed by relevant authorities and use verified RNG software to guarantee the fairness of outcomes. They also have tons of championships and challenges that you can enjoy, and when you rake in enough Sweeps, there are reliable payment methods to facilitate speedy payouts. Best of all, you’ll be able to play on your mobile phone with seamless compatibility.


Legality of sweepstakes casinos in Canada

Sweepstakes casinos don’t have the same legal restrictions as regular online casinos. Regulated real money casinos are only available in Ontario, so Canadians outside the province can’t play casino games except with offshore operators. Sweepstakes sites provide a great alternative.

They don’t require real money bets, so they aren’t considered gambling sites. Instead, they fall under the banner of social casinos, which are perfectly legal in Canada. The only exception is Quebec, which has stricter laws and prohibits most forms of gaming. Many Canadians can enjoy online casino games for free, and thanks to the unique model of these sites, there’s a chance to earn real value in return.

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