Harold Moody Jr Arrested: What Did He Do? Harold Moody Jr. was arrested as a result of online child exploitation. He worked as a political consultant in Arkansas.

Harold Moody Jr Arrested: What Did He Do? Is He In Jail Now? Child Pornography Charges Update

On November 25, news of Democratic Illinois State Representative Keith Farnham’s involvement in child exploitation went viral.

Following the accusation, netizens began to seek out those who had been charged in the party for similar offenses. As a result, former Arkansas Democratic Party speakers have emerged. The crime of Harold Moody Jr. has surfaced on the internet.


Harold Moody Jr Arrested: What Did He Do?

Harold Moody Jr. was arrested for allegedly distributing sexual content on the internet. When officers from Homeland Security Investigations discovered him spreading illegal content while conducting an undercover investigation into child exploitation chatrooms, they were taken aback.

According to Justice Gov, he was seen in these chatrooms at least five times by undercover officers working on the case.

Investigators discovered him distributing explicit content online twice on August 29 and once on September 7, September 9, and October 12.


The case began in 2018. Through his webcam, the officers observed him in the chatroom. He was visible, and they discovered that he was doing everything from an office in the background.

The case has become the talk of the town after Keith Farnham, a Democratic Illinois State Representative, was arrested on the specific charges. People have been looking into similar cases in the past because Hardy was also a speaker for the Arkansas Democratic Party.

Such illegal and indecent behavior by political members has harmed the party’s reputation. As a result, citizens have begun to criticize them because they are unable to ensure the good character of their members.


Child Pornography Charges Update

Harold Moody was arrested on suspicion of online child p**nography. According to sources, there are separate provisions for the distribution and possession of such illegal contents.



He was prosecuted for both of them. For distributing such explicit child abuse content, the convicted may face a prison sentence of no less than five years and no more than twenty years, as well as supervised release for five years to life and a fine of up to $250,000.

Those who possess such videos or images face a maximum sentence of ten years in prison, five years to life on supervised release, and a fine of up to $250,000.

Nonetheless, there has been no update on the case. His defendant was attempting to get him released from custody, and he had not yet been found guilty when the news broke.


Is He In Jail Now?

There is no word on whether Harold Moddy is incarcerated or not. No news outlets have provided an update on the situation.

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