Has Anthony Joseph Templet Been Sentenced To Jail? – Anthony Templet, then 17 years old, urgently called 911 on Monday, June 3, 2019, to report that his father, Burt Templet, 53, had been shot.

Has Anthony Joseph Templet Been Sentenced To Jail? Find Out Where He Is Now

Burt Templet’s shot-and-killed body was found when police arrived at the scene after Anthony Templet called 911 in the middle of the night.

Anthony is described as speaking in a monotone and showing almost any emotion by detectives who worked on the case and East Baton Rouge Assistant District Attorney Dana Cummings.


Has Anthony Joseph Templet Been Sentenced To Jail? Find Out Where He Is Now

Anthony Templet was sentenced to five years of probation with supervision after being found guilty of negligent homicide in March 2021.

The prosecution agreed that the young man in question had never had a life and deserved the chance to try to start one, and everyone involved in the case demonstrated exceptional empathy.

Because there were no details about either Anthony’s experiences or Burt’s behavior, it was initially assumed that Anthony had killed his father icily.

However, as more information came to light, public opinion began to change. He eventually found his biological mother, got some assistance, and had access to psychiatrists.

On December 19, 2019, he was granted release on a $50,000 bail with a few conditions including a strict curfew and constant wear of a GPS tracker.

The District Attorney’s Office and Anthony’s defense attorney decided to propose the boy a negligent homicide plea as more horrifying information came to light.

He pleaded no contest, and in early March 2021, he was sentenced to a five-year probationary term with credit for time served. Additionally, he was told to complete high school, go to counseling, and decide whether to enroll in full-time school or work.

Additionally, he received a five-year probationary term with no chance of release.

So, even though Anthony likes to avoid the spotlight, it’s unclear what he’s up to these days. He seems to be attempting to lead a typical life.

As far as is known, he is still residing in Louisiana and is attempting to rebuild his life without the interference of others. Now, all he needs is some direction and his future to succeed.

Feeling in charge of your life is crucial, Anthony said in the documentary. You lose your freedom in prison, and I came to understand that… I only want to be ordinary. I want to continue living my life, to be happy and content.

Learn About Anthony Joseph Templet

Although Anthony Joseph Templet was born in Texas, the three-part original series claims that he spent the majority of his formative years in and around Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where his life was unhappily neither warm nor secure.

He reportedly persuaded the youngster that his mother didn’t want or care for him because she had her problems, per the docuseries, essentially making sure that he never brought up the subject again.

As a result, Anthony’s father was left in charge of him, and according to the product, he not only prevented Anthony from ever enrolling in school but also gave little thought to his overall development.

When he was ten years old, his stepmother Susan taught him to read and write along with a few other things, but he was still not allowed to pursue further education.

Several significant domestic disputes caused by his abuse reportedly led to his father, Burt, removing him from his mother when he was five years old. Burt’s power, however, extended further.

Teresa Thompson, the abusive spouse of Burt Templet, claimed to have abducted her seven-year-old son while already being accused of three counts of domestic violence against her. Two of the charges were later dropped.

For 11 years after Thompson reported her son missing, she was unable to determine whether or not Templet was still alive.

She had no idea Templet had spent years being mistreated and shunned by his father.

In the documentary, Anthony admits that his father never registered him for school and watched every step he made using the home’s CCTV system and tracker software on his phone. Additionally, he was prohibited from attending dental or medical visits.

Neighbors claimed Burt homeschooled his son and was very secretive about him.

Here’s What We Found About His Family

Other family members revealed after Anthony’s arrest that the 17-year-old had been missing for more than ten years. Natasha, who identified herself as Anthony’s sister, claimed that Father Burt removed Anthony from the family’s Texas home in 2008.

Anthony was only five years old at the time. “He kidnapped him from our house,” the sister alleged. Burt and my mother had a close to ten-year relationship that was very violent.

“All these years, his father has kept him apart and mistreated him. My courageous brother had to defend himself from that wicked man for the last time.”

After moving to Baton Rouge, Burt wed Susan a second time. Susan filed for a protective order against her husband at the start of 2019, ending their marriage.

According to WAFB, Susan claimed on social media that Burt allegedly knocked out several of her teeth. The relative who placed the call that sparked the altercation between Burt and his son Anthony was ultimately revealed to be her.

Anthony’s wife stood by him throughout the legal proceedings.

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