Hay Fever
Clean Tubes and Bulbs regularly to prevent hay fever.

What is hay?

Hay is a form of allergy, which causes great amount of physical discomfiture.

Body symptoms of hay

The symptoms of hay fever include sneezing, postnasal drainage, ear congestion, itchy throat, runny nose, and many others to keep a man physically unfit.

The role your immune system play

The immune system generally protects a body from harmful foreign substances but when it starts responding to the substances, which are not actually harmful to the body of other human beings, then it results in allergy.

Common causes of allergy

Pollen grains have long been a very common cause of allergy. It is the substance responsible in causing hay fever. The pollen grains along with the dust particles suspended in the air are major cause of the hay fever.

The pollen grains causing hay fever are mainly from the plants, which are wind-pollinated because the weight of these pollen grains are very low and thus can remain suspended in the air. These pollen grains are very tiny in size and are invisible through the naked eyes.

Thus to prevent the body from exposure to the pollen grains one should ensure a clean environment around. If the interior of the house is clean then there is lesser chance of encountering the pollen grains.

Thus to stay clean one major step could be cleaning of all the household articles which collects dust. Regular cleaning of the tubes and bulbs is a step forward to achieve this.

Regular cleaning of the tubes and bulbs to prevent hay fever

The household articles, which are stagnant in their position for a longer length of time, have a greater tendency to collect dust than the articles, which are frequently moved around. Tubes and bulbs are one such equipment, which are fixed to its place.

Tubes and bulbs are types of electrical equipment, which are absolutely indispensable to any household as they emit light.

These are the kind of equipment, which are fixed to a particular position from where the light source is desired. Thus over a longer period of time they gather dust which is flowing inside the house. The dust along with the pollen grains, which settles on the tubes and bulbs, also makes the interiors of any house very untidy.

Thus it should be made as a regular exercise to clean the tubes and the bulbs by dusting them with a cloth.

Regular cleaning of the tubes and the bulbs always ensure a clean and healthy indoors.


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