Gentle massages for the over 50 are therapeutic in nature. At this stage of life, several age-related illnesses manifest themselves. Massage is ideal for relieving muscular tension and pain, reducing mental and physical fatigue and promoting faster healing.

Gentle massages therapy has existed for centuries and been systematically employed to alleviate pain, promote blood circulation, relieve stress and tension, and to enhance the metabolism.

Therapeutic massage has become popular with senior citizens, especially in pain management for joints and bones.

Massage therapy usually consists of physical manipulation of the soft tissues of the body; this includes stroking, kneading, vibration and percussion with a wide variety of aromatic oils and lotions.

Get massage weekly

A weekly massage works wonders on a strained physique. It rubs away all traces of accumulated stress from muscles and instantly rejuvenates. It is akin to a physiotherapy session to eliminate pain.

Massage for the elderly should be gentle so it does not pull or twist aging muscles and joints. Ideally, a trained masseuse should perform this task. In the absence of a professional masseuse, a self-massage will also suffice.

Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

There are numerous benefits flowing from a gentle massage session. Massage frees up bunched muscles and tendons, wiping away stress, and inducing relaxation.

Massage, thus, brings relief from age-related joint and muscle strains and injuries; while it promotes physical flexibility.

Massage strengthens the immune system by promoting deeper breathing techniques. Massage improves overall posture, restores spinal column health and arrests osteoporosis.

It enhances the mind-body connection, and leads to a sense of calm. This relaxation-inducing aspect of massage promotes a sense of well being which again bolsters immunity.

A gentle massage is not only recommended for unfit or sick individuals to regain health; it is also routinely prescribed for healthy senior citizens.


Massage is therefore an ideal solution for tackling age-related problems. Massage therapy may last anywhere from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Massage is now recognized as an inherently therapeutic remedy for alleviating muscle and joint tensions and troubles.

The list of massage clients now includes a substantial number of those over 50. For senior citizens, a weekly massage is now a standard restorative treatment.

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