Health Benefits Of Eating Okra Soup 

Okra is a green vegetable with tiny spiky hair and grooves. It has a slimy interior with white rounded seeds and can be eaten raw as a snack or cooked into soups and sauces.

This versatile vegetable is also known as okro, gumbo, bhindi, and ladies’ fingers in different parts of the world.

Okra soup is known as ‘Ofe-Okwuru’ to the Igbos, ‘Obe-nla’ to the Yorubas, and ‘Miyan Kubewa’ to the Hausas in Nigeria.

Some people prefer their okra soup chunky, while others prefer it smooth, but what really matters is that the soup is tasty and delicious. Below, are benefits you may get when you eat Okra soup

Health Benefits Of Eating Okra Soup

Health Benefits Of Eating Okra Soup

Aids in fat burning – 100gm of raw okra pods contain only 30 calories, they are high in dietary fibers as well, which provide a feeling of fullness.  Because okra has a very low caloric content, there is no need to worry while eating it as it aids in the control of weight gain. It’s filling but not calorie-laden.

Good For Pregnant Women – Okra is beneficial during pregnancy because it contains folic acid, which is required for the formation of the fetus’s neural tube. Also, research has shown that eating okra while pregnant can help ease labour. Can help with quick delivery. I guess it’s the slime in okra… The slimier the better as the baby needs to slide out without hold up or road block.


Promotes bowel movement – Okra is high in fiber and thus aids in bowel movement. When you go to the toilet tomorrow after eating a bowl of okra soup, try to notice how easily everything rushes out of you. In the toilet, you don’t have to push very hard. It flows so effortlessly. That is exactly what okra does. The high fiber content contributes to good pressure in there.


Highly beneficial to skin and hair –  Aside from eating the soup, you can use it on your hair. Boil some okra pods in a little water until the juice mucilage starts to come out, remove the strainer and add a teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply the mixture to your hair and rinse after 10 minutes. Your hair will feel stronger and more lustrous.


Other benefits of Okra include…

  • Aids in the treatment of diabetes.
  •  Improves colon health
  • Support digestion and relieves constipation.
  • Gives suiting Cough relief
  • Improves vision.
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber
  • Aids heart health – Okra has no cholesterol whatsoever. No fats. It’s great for a healthy heart. Visit SDMP for business tips.

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