For most of history, people feared eclipses of the Sun. The skies would grow dark, the birds would stop singing and the dogs would start to howl. Naturally, people would blame anything bad that followed on ‘that fateful day the Sun disappeared’.

A lunar eclipse was equally regarded as a bad omen or sign of divine dissatisfaction. It was hardly surprising: no one knew why they happened or when they might come.

Today, modern astrology regards eclipses very differently, not as harbingers of doom but of change. They are events of great astrological significance, invigorating, exciting phenomenon with the power to boost our energy and transform our lives. 

Every year brings a new array of eclipses, but this year, we get four: a Full (lunar) later this month, and a New Moon (solar) eclipse in April, then a Full in September and a New Moon (both lunar) in October.

This particular set of eclipses is hugely exciting, because three out of four of them are straddling the Aries/Libra axis (a part of the sky that in astrology relates to the Sun’s path through the constellations). 

Four eclipses is a celestial phenomenon we haven't seen for 20 years

Four eclipses is a celestial phenomenon we haven’t seen for 20 years

We haven’t had anything like this for almost 20 years. Indeed, the last time we had a similar string of eclipses was in the period 2004 to 2006, meaning we should all be ready to experience echoes of what happened to us back then.

Of course, the sky must be arranged in a specific way for an eclipse to occur. They take place when a New or Full Moon appears near the lunar nodes — mysterious points in the sky where the Moon’s orbit intersects the path of the Sun.

In a Solar Eclipse, the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth and temporarily blocks out the Sun’s light. A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon, and the Moon sits in its shadow.

The Aries/Libra axis brings up themes of balance, individuality and connection with other people. So there is also an overall message here: it’s time to sort out relationships.

The fact is, eclipses are ‘push comes to shove’ times, and relationships under pressure often break up around them, no matter which sign they’re in. But for the rest of the year, with multiple eclipses triggering the relationship sign of Libra, we can expect particularly acute stresses and strains on our most challenging partnerships, personal and professional.

But don’t despair! For me, eclipses signify a moment of renewal and correction, when we are jolted back toward the life path that was meant for us.

If you’re miles off track with where your soul is supposed to be (for example, if you’re in a difficult relationship or clinging on to a job you no longer enjoy), at the time of an eclipse, you can find yourself shunted — sometimes unceremoniously — into a new reality.

The bottom line is, what happens during an eclipse can feel really tough, but — and I say this after years of observation — it almost always turns out for the best.

Let’s look at the first two coming up this spring.

T he lunar eclipse on March 25 occurs at 7am, and the good news is that, immediately afterwards, we get a wonderful alignment of the planet of love, Venus, which is said to rule Libra, with the change-maker planet Uranus.

It’s a combination which promises positive, even heart-swelling, changes. Are you independent to a fault and find yourself constantly driving potential partners away? Well, this is the eclipse that could finally help you find someone you can commit to.

The second eclipse, on April 8 at 7.20pm, offers excellent potential for what I call a quantum jump, when you leap from one reality to another, apparently defying the rules of time and logic. It’s that exciting but sometimes rather disorienting moment when your life changes seemingly overnight.

Today, modern astrology regards eclipses very differently, not as harbingers of doom but of change, writes astrologist Yasmin Boland

Today, modern astrology regards eclipses very differently, not as harbingers of doom but of change, writes astrologist Yasmin Boland

So how can you harness it? Think about what you want in life and use the power of imagination and affirmation to feel as though it’s already happened. When you’re waking up or falling asleep, meditating, or even as you’re walking down the street, visualise your best life — and the eclipse will turbo-charge these desires and dreams.

The two autumnal eclipses bring clashing energies, more change and, above all, the need to communicate clearly with partners or family members to foster better understanding, and love, between you.

All the eclipses are taking place as Pluto (the planet that’s about transformation) does a rare flipflop into and out of the signs Capricorn and Aquarius. Plus, for the rest of the year, the lucky planet Jupiter is the most active of all the ‘outers’ — Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Put that together and there could well be a fortuitous, even charmed, slant to the changes you see by the end of the year.

It’s all about focusing on what really makes you happy.

Embrace the idea that you are here on Earth with a life purpose and a mission to fulfil.

Are you stuck in a toxic relationship? Happily or unhappily single? Mired in the soul-destroying world of modern dating and the apps that go with it? Bored romantically? Feeling too old to take the plunge and get out there again?

Whatever your answer, the good news is that this spring is likely to be a moment of transformation and joy for us all in different ways. Follow the stars’ advice to make the most of this potent air of change . . .

Take a long hard look at your relationships

To harness the energy of the four eclipses in a way that will improve your life, be really honest with yourself about who or what you have clearly outgrown (but haven’t found the courage to leave behind).

It’s an eclipse truism that what happens at the time of an eclipse can be hard to take, but nearly always works out for the best.

Even though change can be tough, it can lead you to some of the most amazing places.

Make the process easier by taking a long hard look now at what in your life needs to go, change or evolve. Look at where you’re being too needy, focusing too much on someone else or, indeed, on yourself. If a relationship is troubled but you want to work at it, start now to give yourself time to shore it up before the eclipses blow it apart!

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and it’s often clear after the fact where we went wrong in personal and business partnerships. However, forewarned is forearmed. Even the best relationships need attention from time to time and, if you focus on them now, you’ll be better placed to sail through the turbulence.

Top 5 eclipses dos and don’ts …

If you’re feeling worried about all the change the eclipses could bring to your love life, here are some easy rules to live by around the time that they occur.


1. Reflect and meditate. Eclipses are powerful times for introspection. The more ‘me time’ you can get around eclipse time, the better.

2. Set intentions or resolutions. The New Moon eclipse in April brings the energy for deciding what you want your life to look like in the short and long-term.

3. Release and let go. Full Moon eclipses are ideal times for letting go. Release what no longer serves you, whether it’s fear, a bad habit, an emotion that is holding you back, or a relationship that has run its course.

4. Practise gratitude. Acknowledge and be thankful for the lessons and blessings in your life. Gratitude will help you move easily through any rough changes.

5. Look after yourself. Eclipses can be emotionally taxing if they hit your chart strongly, so taking time out for yourself, be it through doing yoga, a hot bath, a nature walk, writing a journal or reading, can be a boon.

Every year brings a new array of eclipses, but this year, we get four: a Full (lunar) later this month, and a New Moon (solar) eclipse in April, then a Full in September and a New Moon (both lunar) in October

Every year brings a new array of eclipses, but this year, we get four: a Full (lunar) later this month, and a New Moon (solar) eclipse in April, then a Full in September and a New Moon (both lunar) in October


1. Lose your cool. Eclipses can usher in tumultuous times, and our judgement can get clouded by them, so avoid making rash major life decisions around love, money or anything else that’s important to you.

2. Resist change. Remember that eclipses bring necessary changes. If you try to avoid or resist them, you will only make it much harder on yourself and everyone else.

3. Be negative. Stay away from negative people as much as you can, but especially at eclipse time. There is enough going on without having to suffer that.

4. Overdo it at work or at play. Taking on too much or pushing too hard during eclipse season will only backfire. It’s a time for internal work more than external hard yards.

5. Cling to the past. Eclipses are about moving forward. Encourage letting go of past grudges or outdated dreams.

Where is the eclipse for you?

We all know eclipses spell change. But for a tighter focus on what that means for you, we need to look at where the eclipses take place in your birth chart, which is a map of the heavens at the precise moment you were born.

For a more accurate prediction, look for your Rising Sign (the most personal point on your chart) and if you don’t know it, find it out for free at moon messages.com/freechart.

Aries or Aries Rising

Your whole life is up for change this spring — embrace it! There is no time like an eclipse in your sign to change your life. And if you’re stuck and want a cosmic kick, get ready, because it’s definitely coming your way.

Taurus or Taurus Rising

Create daily routines that support becoming the person you want to be. This might not sound terribly exciting, but the truth is, it’s what we do every day that creates our life. This spring gives you a chance to switch your routines up.

Gemini or Gemini Rising

Romance, creativity, children and friendship are in focus for you, and expect big shifts. But if you’re single and ready to meet someone new, then that could definitely happen. And if you feel you’re in a rut with any relationships, it’s a great time to get out.

Cancer or Cancer Rising

Your home and family life is up for change. Mend family rifts and find a good work/life balance. Your home life is super important to you, and the eclipses this spring and autumn give you a chance to identify personal problems and look for new solutions.

Leo or Leo Rising

Conversations this spring can change everything. Explore life, whether through travel and/or study. At this time it’s hugely important that you think about your thought patterns for the rest of the year. If you know you’ve got yourself into something of a negative mindset or you’re overthinking issues, then start the process of change now.

Virgo or Virgo Rising

This is a big moment for you, when increased self-worth can lead to positive developments around cash, property and possessions. Virgos are famously humble, which is a beautiful thing and one of the reasons we love you. But you will really benefit from bigging yourself up a little for the rest of year.

Libra or Libra Rising

Your whole life could soon look very different. Go for it! This is a super-exciting time for you. The first step will be the hardest, as you will need to prepare mentally to leave the past behind. Adopt ‘that was then, this is now’ as your new motto.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

Working through your fears is essential now — otherwise they could scupper you. You’re an intense sign that never shies away from facing up to the darker side of life. But don’t dwell on those fears now. Look at them, then move on for the better.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising 

Your social life is evolving and your ability to make wishes come true is soaring. A potentially very lucky year for you. To make the most of it, take a moment now to clarify what you want (and who can help you get it.)

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

Expect big developments at work. Aim high! This could be a time when you fulfil some of your loftiest ambitions. Retired? What else is on your bucket list to achieve? It’s never too late to change the world.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

Avoid power struggles. With Pluto in and out of your sign for the rest of the year, the cosmos will ask you to strip back anything and anyone that isn’t serving your highest good. Do it without getting sucked into drama. Be bold!

Pisces or Pisces Rising

You’re one of the signs best placed to transform your life this spring. You’ll need to work hard at it (thanks to Saturn in Pisces), but the efforts you make now will lead to long-lasting rewards in the future, including stability. This is a time when change isn’t just possible — it’s inevitable.

When are the eclipses? 

  • Full Moon (lunar) eclipse in Libra — on March 25 at 7am.
  • New Moon (solar) eclipse in Aries — on April 8 at 7.20pm.
  • Full Moon (lunar) eclipse in Pisces — on September 18 at 3.34pm.
  • New Moon (solar) eclipse in Libra — on October 2 at 7.49pm.


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