4 Reasons Why 12 -1PM Is The Best Time To Eat Watermelon for good health

Let’s look at why 12 – 1 PM is the best time to eat watermelon.

Watermelon, eaten after 1 p.m. or at night is not only wrong but also unhealthy. Watermelon is best eaten between 12 and 1 p.m., according to research [ 1]. Here are some of the reasons why the optimal time to eat watermelon is between 12 and 1 p.m.

4 Reasons Why 12 -1PM Is The Best Time To Eat Watermelon for good health
4 Reasons Why 12 -1PM Is The Best Time To Eat Watermelon for good health

Watermelon is acidic in nature

Because watermelon is a low-acid fruit, it can weaken parts of your enamel, causing them to become discolored, susceptible to extreme temperatures, and require certain sorts of repair. Healthline reports that Acidity in the urine, as well as other negative health impacts, can be caused by a diet that includes too many acid-producing foods, such as protein or sugar. This can lead to the formation of uric acid stones, which are a type of kidney stone. Too much acidity is thought to contribute to bone and muscle degeneration.

Watermelon contains high water content

Watermelon contains 92 per cent water. While it can help you stay hydrated during the day or the hot summer months, drinking it late or at night can cause you to go to the bathroom more frequently till you it’s your bed time, thereby disrupting your sleep. In some situations, if not consumed in moderation, watermelon can cause water retention, resulting in edema and dehydration.

Watermelon digestion process takes time

Watermelon eaten later in the day may induce discomfort because our digestion slows as the day progresses. This is due to the high water content and acidic character of the product. When foods are not adequately digested, they can cause gastrointestinal difficulties and intestinal discomfort in certain people.

Many of us eat watermelon in between meals or as dinner right before bedtime because it is a natural coolant with several health benefits. In the first place, though, this is something that no one should be doing. Watermelon eating late at night or late in the day may result in a variety of health problems.

Therefore, it is recommended to eat watermelon only when the chance of digestion is high (advisable 12-1 PM )

It contains high amount of sugar

Keep in mind that this wonderful summer favorite is heavy in sugar before you go raving about it (even if natural). Sugar should be avoided at night because it can lead to weight gain, which is something no one wants. Furthermore, many fruits on the market may be treated with chemicals to boost their sweetness, which is a letdown.

 Best time to eat watermelon

Watermelon is without a doubt one of the healthiest fruits available. However, if you want to stay in shape and reap the most advantages, eat the red fruit during the day, 12 – 1 PM. In fact, it may be one of the best breakfast options available. After eating the fruit, wait at least 30-45 minutes before drinking water.

You can have the fruit as a snack in between meals, but it’s best to avoid it later in the day.


Health benefits of watermelon

Apart from the fact that watermelon is not safe to eat at night or later in the day, it has amazing loads of benefits that you should take advantage of. Some of the benefits of watermelon include to;

  • keep your body hydrated,
  • help reduce the risk of chronic infection,
  • keep the consistency of bowel movement regular,
  • maintain healthy skin,
  • prevention of asthma,
  • reduces the risk of high blood pressure,
  • improve the function of the brain and nervous system,
  • improve muscle recovery time,
  • reduce the risk of heart disease,
  • cut down the risk of developing cancer,
  • supports features of metabolic syndrome,
  • supply your body with essential nutrients,
  • lower inflammation and oxidative stress,
  • prevent macular degeneration
  • promote good hair growth and texture
  • take care of heartburn, morning sickness, and third-trimester muscle cramps in pregnant women,
  • improve bone health,
  • encourage weight loss,
  • strengthen Immunity,
  • promotes sexual health by serving as a natural viagra,
  • prevents damages to cells,
  • support to care for and prevent bleeding gums,
  • increase your physical and productivity energy, and
  • prevents hyperthermia

Final notes…

Watermelon is a healthy fruit to consume every day. The best time to eat this fruit is at mid-day or not later than 1 PM. You can eat watermelon on an empty stomach as the nutrients are better absorbed when ingested on an empty stomach.

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