Let’s find out ‘Who Is Helen Gola Daughter Kecia Golay?’ Helen Gola’s daughter, Kecia Golay, was convicted of plotting to murder homeless men in the past. She came under public investigation owing to her familial ties with her mother Helen.

If you are also among the population wanting to learn in brief about Kecia and her mother, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading the article beneath to acquire some insights.

Helen Gola Daughter: Meet Kecia Golay, Age, Height, Husband & Whereabouts
Who Is Helen Gola Daughter Kecia Golay?

Who Is Helen Gola Daughter Kecia Golay?

Helen Gola’s child, Kecia Golay, was born. She is one of the two ladies who allegedly planned to murder homeless men more than ten years ago.

Two women allegedly received millions of dollars in life insurance payouts for two homeless men back in 2006. The males later passed away in hit-and-run accidents. Later, Helen and another lady became the police’s top suspects.

Olga Rutterschmidt was the other woman who collected money with Helen. The two ladies were arrested by the police and put in jail on allegations of fraud. Helen and Olga alternately declared to be the fiancée of the homeless males according to the reports.

The two elderly women also asserted that they were the two homeless men’s family members and business partners. They purportedly did this to obtain money totaling over $4 million. In actuality, the women were able to win $2.2 million.

In addition to amassing a substantial sum of $2.2 million, Helen and Olga also filed lawsuits against other businesses that refused to pay. They were being investigated by the police and other relevant authorities after committing the fraud.

Police kept an eye on them since additional homeless guys were at risk. It became a duty for authorities to keep the two ladies under the supervision to avoid additional worse incidents.

The two males, Paul Vados, age 73, and Kenneth McDavid, age 50, went suddenly immediately after the two ladies had to wait for a short time to be eligible to save the insurance money. Vados died in a strike in 1999, while McDavid was killed in a rundown in 2005.

Due to a lack of evidence, the women were initially only considered the main suspects in the deaths of the two men. According to the FBI, they befriended Vados and McDavid at first and provided them residences in exchange for their signatures.

Helen and Olga obtained the two men’s signatures on life insurance policies, and then they accurately reproduced their autographs on rubber stamps. They secured a significant amount with rubber stamps.

Kevin Smith, a lawyer with American Life Insurance Co. of New York, claimed that while he had previously witnessed all kind of cunning and methods used to deceive insurance companies, he had never witnessed anything comparable to what the two ladies did.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Helen’s daughter Kecia claimed that her mother wasn’t the one who plotted to harm the two men. However, the court found the two women guilty of conspiring against homeless men in 2008, two years later.

Details About Kecia Golay Age And Height

Regarding Kecia Golay’s age and height, regrettably, we are currently unsure of her exact age and birth information.

Her height, weight, and other physical characteristics are likewise kept a secret. Nothing relevant about Helen’s daughter, other than her name, is now accessible in the public domain.

In fact, in-depth details about her mother are also almost unavailable on the web. Very few publications and other sites have mentioned her on the web. As a result, there is now very little to no information readily available on her.

With that said, when referring to the ages of the two elderly women, Olga and Helen are 88 and 91 years old, respectively, as of 2022. Golay was 75 and Rutterschmidt was 72 back in 2006.

Who Is Kecia Golay Husband?

Since there is still a dearth of trustworthy information on Kecia Golay online, we are unsure of whether she currently has a husband or not.

That noted, most probably she should be married by now. The event took place sixteen years ago. Although there is a good chance Kecia is married, there has been no proof of this to date.

Additionally, Kecia, Helen’s daughter, is now in an undefined relationship. We will update the post after getting information from reputable sources.

Where Is Kecia Gola Currently?

Speaking about Kecia Gola’s location, tragically the information surrounding her present predicament remains murky at this moment in time.

Netizens wonder what is she doing now and are anxious to learn more about Helen and her daughter. Cyber citizens should, however, continue to hold off until trustworthy information appears online.

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