A scientifically reviewed and published study says that the Ayurvedic formulation NEERI-KFT can help people with kidney disease. Read on to know more.

A healthy kidney is essential for the normal functioning of the human body. It removes toxins from the body and regulates blood pressure. It maintains the acid-base balance in the body. Any problem with the kidneys can lead to other complications and may sometimes be even fatal. Ayurveda, the ancient healing therapy from India, has effective treatments for many kidney-related diseases like urinary stone, kidney failure, kidney infections, etc. It advocates strict adherence to the right diet and lifestyle along with the intake of some effective herbs to overcome these problems. One Ayurvedic formulation that helps is NEERI-KFT prepared by the AIMIL Pharma. It can not only slow down the progression of chronic kidney disease but also restore its normal functioning capacity. This is scientifically proven by researchers of a review that is published in Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences.

In this study titled ‘A systematic review on nephroprotective AYUSH drugs as constituents of NEERI-KFT’, researchers looked into the impact of the herbal extract of the said herbal formulation on kidney patients and also examined the adverse effects of modern medicine used for the management of the kidney ailments.

Previous study that supports use of NEERI-KFT

Earlier this year, researchers from New Delhi’s Jamia Hamdard University had also come to the conclusion that NEERI KFT herbal formulation can detoxify the kidney dells and reduce levels of uric acid and electrolytes imbalance thereby restoring normalcy to the kidneys.

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Benefits of NEERI-KFT

According to the researchers of the new study, this formulation prevents apoptosis which is caused by oxidative and inflammatory stress. It strengthens the immune system and prevents associated complications. They found out that this herbal formulation has immense nephroprotective and immunomodulatory effects in patients with renal dysfunction or chronic kidney disease. It also effectively reduces serum creatinine, blood urea, and serum uric acid and is well-tolerated with hardly any adverse hematological or biochemical abnormalities. They came to this conclusion after reviewing published data from places like Science Direct, Google Scholar, Elsevier and PubMed.

What is NEERI-KFT?

This is basically a herbal medicine made from medicinal plant extracts like medicinal plants like haridra, varuna, shirish, gokhru, anantamul punarnava, patharchur, lotus leaves and other Ayurvedic herbs. Researchers have said that this formulation can be safely given as an alternative and complementary therapy at end-stage renal disease (ESRD) or in cases of kidney failure where frequent dialysis of renal transplant remains the only option for survival.

Ayurvedic tips to strengthen your kidneys

Ayurveda says that kidney problems arise when there is any imbalance in the pitta levels in the body. Other than making healthy lifestyle changes like staying hydrated, exercising and avoiding alcohol and tobacco, it also lists some herbs that can help keep your kidneys healthy. Here are a few tips for you.

  • Introduce mulethi or liquorice to your diet. You may add the powdered form of this sweet root to your daily cup of herbal tea.
  • Have cranberries. This antioxidant-rich fruit can prevent Urinary Tract Infections, E coli, and rejuvenate your kidneys.
  • Gokharu or puncture vine also has immense antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, and can is used in many Ayurvedic formulations. Ask your Ayurveda doctor about it.
  • Have more pomegranates or anar daily to regulate kidney functions.
  • A daily glass of lemon juice can also help. Or just squeeze some lemon on your food.


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