Hot Flashes During Periods? Does Your Basal Body Temperature Rise During Period?

Are you on your periods and feeling hotter than usual even when the weather is quite pleasant? Find out the reasons behind it.

Hot flashes are very sudden and random and they come and go as the hormones in women’s bodies also keep fluctuating. When the progesterone level is high the body temperature increases and vice versa. This fact is very well known by women as it gets more intense during their menstrual cycle. One second they feel absolutely normal and the next second they feel extremely hot, their face might turn red and might also start sweating. In this article, you will find out why this extremely uncomfortable phenomenon happens to women.

But, the best way to deal with this is by staying calm. It is extremely common and happens to a lot of menstruating women. If women react to this by getting anxious, the symptom will get worse.

How Do Women’s Hormones Work During Their Menstrual Cycle?

Are you feeling hotter than normal even when the weather is quite pleasant? Well, your hormones are to blamed for this reason. The random fluctuations of your hormones are actually normal and it can lead to a range of symptoms on your body as well as mood. During the ovulation phase, there is a spike in progesterone levels which can increase your body temperature. During the luteal stage too, the body temperature usually stays high. Till the time the progesterone level in the body stay high, the body temperature will also stay high.

As you approach your cycle, the progesterone level will start to fall leading to a decrease in body temperature as well. But, during periods, the hormones fluctuate a lot. So, there might be sudden hot flashes and sudden cold flashes during those five days.

Food: The body heat produced in your body depends a lot on what you are eating and drinking. There are certain kinds of food like animal protein which takes longer to digest therefore producing more heat in the body. try to keep your diet balanced during periods, stay away from caffeine as it might increase body heat even further, drinking tea might help.

Medications: Medications have a lot of side effects and they can also cause the hot flashes that you might be experiencing. Before you take any medicine, check the side effects it might have on you. Contraceptive pills for example are known to raise body temperature as they raise the level of progesterone on the body.

TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome): The bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus causes a syndrome called toxic shock syndrome during periods. this bacteria is also found on the surface of the skin and it is not at all harmful. But, it might also get inside the body and produce toxins which can also be life threatening. TSS is also caused by tampon use and also by burns, cuts, bites and boils. This syndrome also can raise the body temperature during periods and it is majorly caused by tampons. | Home –  Hot Flashes During Periods

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